GPS Tracking May Be Helpful in Catching Cops Involved in Alleged Crimes

We already know that police departments have been using GPS tracking to help reduce crime while keeping track of patrol cars on the field. GPS tracking helps police officers track and find criminals and in gathering submittable evidence of criminal activity. GPS tracking can also be used to track evidence that has been stored, and track illicit cargo and/or stolen goods.   But what about using GPS tracking to track police officers who may be committing on-duty crimes themselves? In a case involving an ex-Houston Police Department cop, both GPS tracking and photos are among the evidence being presented in aRead More

Eye in the Sky Nabs Iowa Burglar

GPS Supreme Court

Law enforcement’s use of GPS devices to track suspects was all over the news several months ago, when the U.S. Supreme Court heard the case of one Antoine Jones, accused of being a Washington D.C. area drug kingpin. It was like something out of a cynical police procedural program: the case had been built using a GPS device that had been hidden on the accused’s automobile. The device was placed there without a court ordered warrant. Unfortunately, the entire case pinned on that GPS tracking data, and was tossed into the wind after the Supreme Court ruled that a warrantRead More

GPS Monitor Places Suspect at the Scene in Arson Case


Just a few months following his February release from state prison, Jeremy Morin, 33, is now the primary suspect in an arson case. The Boston resident finished a 10 year stay at state prison for arson. He was deemed a repeat-offender threat, and was required to wear a GPS tracking bracelet as part of his parole. The tracking device shows Morin at the scene of the crime, just a few doors down from the Central Street property he was reportedly living at the time.   “It was deliberately set,” Lt. John Friberg said, head of the Springfield Fire Department’s arsonRead More

Violation of Warrantless GPS Tracking Ruling in CA

firemen gps

Yet another “good faith” warrantless GPS tracking case, this time in California, has come before a judge. This time, fire investigators collected evidence from a suspected arsonist using a GPS tracking device which they affixed to the suspect’s vehicle. Now Jonathan Griffin, his defense attorney, is attempting to have all evidence gathered via the tracking device suppressed in the case against Jairo Perkins-Grubbs. Perkins-Grubbs is suspected to have set suspicious fires on upper Paradise ridge from late July to October 3 rd and faces 20 felony charges. He is a former volunteer firefighter found to have an arson conviction outRead More

GPS Unit Takes Center Stage in Michigan Murder Trial


A man charged with two murders will likely head to prison on the basis of a highly reliable witness’s testimony. But the witness isn’t a person; it’s a GPS unit that was mounted on his vehicle. According to the prosecution’s argument, the tracker clearly shows that the defendant was present at the location of the murders at the time that they occurred. The most that GPS readings can prove is the location of the murder suspect’s car during the time it was tracked. As the prosecuting attorney displayed in court, the Garmin GPS unit mounted on the suspect’s car reportedRead More

GPS in Taxi Helps Australian Rape Victim’s Case


It is any woman’s worst nightmare. After a night of heavy drinking, a 24 year old woman jumped into a taxi and consequently passed out in the backseat. What she claims happened next is currently being debated in front of a jury, who must decide if the two men involved are guilty of the charges against them: sexual penetration without consent.  This is indeed no easy task due to her incoherent condition, but the GPS tracking device installed inside the taxis taken by both men should make things much easier. Prosecutor Janelle Scutt laid out the gory details in herRead More