Step into Adventure with GPS Games from Finland


Today’s society is a fairly sedentary one, especially for children. Consumed by technology, children seem more interested in television, computers, and video games. The founders of Treesure Ltd. in Finland want to stop that trend and get children and their families outdoors again by combining a child’s natural love of stories and adventure with GPS tracking technology. Established in 2011, Treesure is owned by people involved in the media and mobile industry but with small children whom they want to see involved in the adventure of life. Their solution—TreesureGame. The Game TreesureGame is the company’s first media release, and theRead More

Hobbyists Have Fun with Improvised GPS Device Games

Can playing free games with a GPS tracking device actually be fun? While upon first glance, the answer might be “Huwha?!” the actuality is not as crazy as it sounds. Many individuals have taken up “geocaching,” or finding hidden gems with their GPS tracking systems. Geocaching works by taking old maps and superimposing them on top of more recent maps in GPS tracking systems. For example, a recent article in The New York Times described a 13 year old boy who used his GPS tracking devices to find an 18th-century graveyard near a suburban shopping center. “We never would haveRead More