iPhone GPS Can’t Keep Them From Cheating

iPhone GPS

Though it may come as a shock to some, your iPhone cannot expose a cheating partner. “But wait,”I hear you say, “it features a GPS device, and it can track your partner’s every move!” According to a private investigator interviewed by New Zealand’s TV ONE, the GPS tracking device within your iPhone might document their every move, but it won’t matter – if your partner is going to cheat, they’ll find a way to do it. Julia Hartley Moore runs a website where she claims she has “specialist expertise in uncovering infidelity,” and she said that people are more frequentlyRead More

India: Improving Police Response Time With GPS

India police man

The safety of women in India moved to the forefront two years ago after a 23-year-old female paramedic student was gang raped on a New Delhi bus. Just five months ago, their government approved an addition to the budget earmarked for the safety of women, their response to an unforgivable act that led to the death of that female student, and a way to strengthen laws protecting women’s safety. Part of the plan, proposed by acting chief secretary Sajal Chakraborty and transportation commissioner Manoj Kumar: all mass transit vehicles all across the state must install GPS devices within the nextRead More

Ontario, Canada: GPS Device to the Rescue

Hike Detail in Mountains

It is every outdoorsman’s worst nightmare: setting off into the wilderness solo, injuring yourself along the way. There is no one around to hear your pleas for help, and to top it all off, your cellphone is dead. What do you do? You may have read stories of people who have experienced this very situation, dragging themselves to safety over the course of days or even weeks, a true test of their survival skills. There is no need for this in the age of the GPS device known as the emergency locator, as evidenced by recent news out of Ontario,Read More

GPS Busts Bank Robbers


Remember the old tactics relied upon by banks in order to get their money back? It started out with dye packs which would explode and cover the crook in a semi-permanent dye, making it kind of easy to determine whodunnit. However, this is assuming the crook is seen covered in dye by police. If they have no idea where the suspect was when the bag was opened, they can’t really catch the crook, can they? A step above this is the marked bill. The idea here is that crooks will spend the cash, which is marked, alerting the bank toRead More

Russia Spells Out Restrictions For GPS Base Stations

Russia GPS

It looks like the military stationed in Russia won’t be relying on the GPS base stations for GPS location data, once owned and operated by the US, any longer after the recent announcement from the deputy prime minister responsible for Russia’s space programs. The stations will continue to operate for other purposes other than military according to Russia’s Federal Space Agency (Roskosmos). The move is simply to keep United States-owned GPS devices from operating on Russian soil, according to the Roskosmos website, a retaliation move after denied the chance to build their own base stations here in the US forRead More

Another Phase Completed In Europe’s Quest For Their Own GPS


We’ve discussed other GPS constellations here at RMT in the past, whether it be GLONASS or Beidou. It seems that Europe is moving ever closer to its goal of creating a rival GPS satellite network with the recent announcement from the European Space Agency (ESA). The ESA has announced the successful launch of Sentinel-1A back in April, a satellite that is part of the Copernicus Programme. This program seeks to give information regarding the environment, discover the impact climate change has, and as any good GPS constellation would do, protect civil security. The ESA and the European Commission (EC) areRead More

Mississippi Woman Saved By GPS

You think about your GPS tracking device saving you from getting lost when you’re traveling in an unfamiliar area, or the GPS device built in to your smartphone that can locate it if it ever becomes lost or stolen, but do you ever think about the fact your GPS device could one day save your life? Such was the case for a MS woman, who called 911 emergency dispatchers in desperation and confusion in the early morning hours in late August. What Happened? The woman, from Laurel, MS had somehow driven off of the road at some time after 1Read More

eZoom Compact GPS: Giving Parents of Teen Drivers Peace of Mind

My daughter will be 14 in less than two months. It scares me to no end to imagine her driving in less than two years! Of course, she’ll start out driving with me, but eventually she’ll receive her driver’s license, giving her the power to drive all by herself. That’s what really scares me. And for good reason: the CDC reports that car accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers in the US. What’s more, those drivers ages 16 to 19 are three times more likely to get into a fatal collision than those drivers 20 and older.Read More

Advent of European Encrypted GPS

Encrypted GPS has been available in the U.S. for quite some time, but the results of recent tests demonstrate that the European community may soon have their own encrypted technology. This development could decrease these nations’ dependence on U.S. technology for military applications. How It’s Been Some years ago, the United States developed GPS technology to aid in the targeting of nuclear missiles. The location data made it possible for missiles to land precisely on hidden bunkers or silos. As the technology continued to advance, the military found many additional applications for GPS location services. Today, equipment ranging from smartRead More

Parents Use GPS Tracking On Their Children

In an age of technology and independence, some parents have turned to GPS tracking to monitor their children’s whereabouts and activities. Although the practice can be controversial, some say that it is the best option they have found. The Problem Technology and a changing culture have given young people more independence than they have ever had before. Nearly every teenager owns a smartphone and thus has access to a whole world of activities and possibilities. Concerned parents want to be sure that their children are safe and that they are not engaged in behaviors that could harm them. Some parentsRead More