GPS Locator to Improve Train Safety

A train company in India has announced that it plans to install GPS devices in its trains to improve their operational safety. The devices will gather data that will then control the functioning of problem-prone lights in the parcel car of the train. Risk of Fire Indian Railways has a history of issues with fires in the parcel cars of their trains. Three major incidents over the last couple of years have sparked panic among passengers and resulted in damage to both the trains and their contents. The fires appear to be caused by a short circuit in the lightingRead More

007 for 11 and Under

The older generation grew up with a multitude of make-believe spy devices and gear inspired by watching too many spy movies and TV shows like Get Smart, Mission Impossible, and (when you were old enough) James Bond. Thanks to remakes, updates, and continued series, the current generation is also enthralled by the endless possibilities of gadgets that spies make cool and kids love. Whether you could afford the cheaply made toy spy kits that never worked quite right, or whether you used household items in the tradition of MacGyver, it was easy to get hooked on this idea. Today, FilipRead More

Sex Offender Arrested After Removing GPS Unit

GPS Sex Offenders

A Pasco, WA high-risk sex offender has found himself in a bit of trouble after cutting the $1,400 GPS tracking device off of his ankle and then refusing to return it to authorities despite their multiple requests. Jerome Lionel Pleasant, 22, went before the Franklin County Superior Court and pleaded his innocence to the charges of second-degree theft. His trial is set for August 29.   Although Pleasant is from Pasco, court records indicate he is a transient. He was classified as a Level 3 sex offender, which labels him as “highly likely to reoffend,” due to a 2006 first-degree childRead More

TRiLOC GPS Locator for Autism and Alzheimer’s Patients

lost child gps

Anyone who has loved ones afflicted with Autism or Alzheimer’s disease fears for their safety each and every day. Over 500,000 people in the U.S. and Canada alone are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, and over 5.5 million seniors suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. The figures are ever-increasing at a rate of 5-10 percent each year. Wandering is a very real possibility, and parents or caregivers search for an effective way to ensure this kind of stress is alleviated. A study found that 90 percent of children with ASD wander at some point, while over 60 percent of seniors with Alzheimer’sRead More

The First Lego Astronaut?


Perhaps you enjoyed playing with Legos as a child, imagining that those little plastic figures were having adventures in space. One very special Lego figurine made it closer to real outer space than any before it, thanks to the ingenuity of two Canadian teenagers and a GPS locator. As a science experiment, Matthew and Asad decided to try to send a Lego man into space. Instead of the high-tech infrastructure usually associated with space travel, however, they spent $400.00 on a weather balloon, helium, several cameras, and a cell phone with a GPS locator. A homemade parachute ensured the safeRead More

Go Out and Play

By Harriette Halepis Generally, the video games that kids tend to love are also those that keep kids indoors. This poses a lot of problems including increased obesity amongst kids. Even though some video games are challenging when it comes to mental activity, most of them fall short of physical activity. Getting your kids to enjoy the outdoors is more important than ever before. The problem is trying to get your kids interested in outdoor activities, and less interested in computer and video game applications. Recently, a company called Geomate has come up with a solution to your child’s sedentaryRead More