GPS Mapping for Forest Dwellers

Of all the demographics you could think of, “forest dwellers” might be the last one you would expect to benefit from GPS technology. In India, tribal groups that have spent centuries living in the woods are having one of the same main problems they’ve always had: multiple groups claiming the same land. The Indian government would like to put these arguments to rest and concentrate on other business. But it is extremely difficult to sort out land claims among primitive groups, especially in remote areas where mapping of any kind is relatively new. GPS mapping may have the answer, usingRead More

Using GPS Mapping Overseas

Most people are becoming quite accustomed to using GPS mapping when roaming the countryside or exploring an unfamiliar city. Many are uncertain, however, as to how to use this same technology when their travels take them out of their own country.   With GPS Devices Those who own a stand-alone GPS device may have the easiest time using them overseas. Most of these devices offer additional maps for purchase or download, so the user can find data for the area to which he is headed. Many GPS units allow for the use of memory cards to store additional maps. Often,Read More

Calculating Acreage with a GPS Device

Have you ever wondered exactly how much acreage your property contains? Or perhaps you’re considering purchasing a plot of land and want to know what the acreage is. You no longer have to sort through government documents to find out. You can measure acreage using your own handheld GPS device or a mobile device equipped with an app that uses GPS technology. Probably most of us remember how to calculate the area of a perfect square or a nice, even rectangle. In the world of real estate, though, perfect squares and nice, even rectangles are few and far between. MostRead More

Hemisphere GPS Expands Reach into Asia, South America

It seems as if the world is beginning not to exist unless it is measured and stored on a hard drive somewhere. The web started with two University computers talking to each other over a phone line, each sharing data created by users. Now, the Internet is expanding itself, and we’re expanding the voluminous amounts of data available in the cloud involuntarily.   GPS is one of the most fascinating aspects of the web’s expansion… and its importance in industry. Global Positioning satellites take what’s real—coordinates, latitude, longitude, altitude—and automatically turns it into data. Data is what really runs theRead More

TomTom Announces Map Paradise Project


TomTom, one of the industry’s leading GPS Navigation developers, is looking for five families to explore and map tropical islands. Over the last few years, we’ve gotten used to digital navigation systems telling us where the closest restaurant, hotel, and gas stations are. GPS technology is impressive, but in order for different landmarks and amenities to show up on the map, people need to record the location information. That is where the Map Paradise Project comes in. TomTom’s 2012 Summer promotion includes an all expenses paid, two-week adventure on a tropical island for up to five people.   As ifRead More

Holloway Competitors Use GPS Technology for the Win

Driving home

Each year, the University of New Hampshire (UNH) holds one of the oldest business plan competitions in the nation, called the University of New Hampshire Whittemore School of Business and Economics Paul J. Holloway Prize Innovation-to-Market competition. The contest was first established by the Holloway family in 1988, and was developed in hopes of helping entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life, and stimulate the economy in the process. This year, Andrew Jaccoma from Dover and Olha Johnson from Manchester came in first place for their Sensible Spreader System.   “In talking to industry specialists, we learned about the (Interstate) 93Read More

Hershey Learn To Grow Program Equips Cocoa Farmers in Ghana with GPS


All too often we hear stories about big corporations taking advantage of third-world labor and resources. In a refreshing change of tune, Hershey has launched a new, mutually beneficial program for their Ghana cocoa farmers. The program is called Hershey Learn To Grow, and has been in place for the last few years as a part of Hershey’s efforts to educate cocoa farmers in Ghana. Hershey has committed $10 million in West Africa over the next five years towards improving community healthy, cocoa production, and increase farmer income. As a part of this effort, Hershey Learn To Grow has taughtRead More

GPS Technology Used To Map Brentwood Fire Hydrants


U.S. roads are filled with signs and markers that help drivers navigate streets and highways. However, not all signs were meant for drivers, which can cause some confusion. We know that speed bumps are meant to slow our vehicles down, and that a double yellow line means it’s too dangerous to cross, but what about those little blue reflective markers? These reflectors were placed in our streets for city firefighters to easily and quickly locate the nearest fire hydrant in the area. In Brentwood, Tennessee, however, these reflectors are being made obsolete with GPS technology. The city of Brentwood hasRead More

GPS Helps Pygmies in Land Dispute Negotiations

GPS tracking trees

Imagine generation upon generation of your ancestors living in a specific area throughout history, living off the land as hunter-gatherers, when suddenly this land you call home is taken away by the government. For those of us in civilized society, it is hard to imagine. Unfortunately, this is the reality for the indigenous people of Africa’s Congo Basin, which includes a rainforest area, second only to the Amazon in size. Enter GPS technology, allowing these people to map their homeland and generate documents in the hopes of allowing them continued access to these areas in the future. Rainforest Foundation UKRead More

GPS Technology Used to Defend Rainforest Villagers

GPS Flooding Africa

Indigenous people all around the globe are taking to GPS technology to defend their territory. “It is becoming a powerful tool of advocacy,” said Georges Theirry Handja, the Rainforest Foundation UK’s Cameroonian technical advisor. Currently, government agencies are in the process of zoning the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the wake of civil war. The land will be allocated to development companies, which raises concern about the fate of the indigenous people populating the region. Activists have armed these tribes with GPS devices, with which they’ve begun marking the boundaries of the land they use, butRead More