California Says No To Handheld GPS While Driving

Thanks to numerous campaigns against texting while driving, the act is quickly becoming illegal nationwide. This leads to the question: what about fiddling with the GPS on your phone while driving? Yes, you need to get from point A to point B, but isn’t this like texting, where your attention is not on the road where it should be? California says yes, and has passed a law making it illegal to operate the GPS navigation app on your phone unless it is hands-free.   What does the ruling state specifically? If you are using your phone in any way whileRead More

CoPilot GPS: Challenging Free Map Apps


The first thing I did when I got my iPhone was head to the app store. I was late in the game in acquiring a smartphone, and couldn’t wait to play with the apps my friends were raving about. I was equally pleased to have a device that could stand in as a GPS device when I took road trips. I don’t travel outside of my comfort zone frequently enough to justify buying a GPS device for my vehicle, but always wanted one for a host of reasons. Now, my phone could serve as a GPS device. A small dilemmaRead More

Skobbler Blames Google for GPS Navigation App Failure


Have you heard of Skobbler? It’s a GPS navigation app designed to turn cell phones and tablets into fully functional GPS devices. Skobbler can be found on Apple’s app store and, up until February, could be found on the Android market. Skobbler pulled the plug on its Android GPS navigating venture, citing, essentially, that free apps were killing the paid competition. Skobbler has chosen to focus on Apple moving forward. The debate highlights the ubiquity of GPS tracking on Android phones, and the new laws of economics as rewritten by both Apple and Google. Android vs. iOS The Android vs.Read More