GPS And Your Mobile Device

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Have you ever wondered how your smartphone and tablet receives information from the satellites that make up the GPS constellations? Maybe you have some form of idea as to how it works, but wonder why in the world we need so very many satellites. After all, there are more satellites floating around in space than just those belonging to our GPS constellation. What’s more, why do we need more than one constellation? There are more than eighty satellites right at this very moment, beaming data down to base stations and GPS devices all over the world. That’s a lot ofRead More

Globe Trekking with GPS


Images from our childhood daydreams come to life as we imagine ourselves transported to the heart of the deepest, darkest parts of the rainforest, hacking down vines and vegetation with a machete and looking for lost treasure. Maybe we are thinking of ourselves as a modern day Indiana Jones looking for another lost relic or Dian Fossey setting out to interact with gorillas, but there is something romantic and thrilling about the thought of getting lost in a jungle and living to tell about it. That is probably the thought process many modern travel companies are hoping their clients haveRead More

Emergency GPS Trackers to the Rescue

GPS Satellites

Satellite technology has truly changed the world. Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ways this technology is commonly used. But GPS technology is constantly growing in use and applications. We employ GPS in our cars, phones, and computers. Keeping our kids safe, increasing productivity, even keeping time are all practical applications of this valuable technology. And methods of keeping track of our lives through GPS are growing in number and simplicity. How Does GPS Work? Satellites constantly orbit the earth, sending signals to receivers on the ground. Once aRead More

GPS Tracking Used in North Carolina Black Bear Study

Michigan Bears Wear GPS Collars

GPS technology is used all over the world for a wide variety of tasks. The U.S. military developed the technology in order to improve weapons and spy missions. Satellites were launched into space on a predictable orbit and used to pinpoint exact locations via signal receivers on earth. In the past few decades, the technology has improved and become more precise. It has also become widely available for commercial and personal use. Just about everyone has a GPS navigation system in their car these days, if not a GPS-enabled smartphone in their pocket. In this writers opinion, one of theRead More

GPS Tracking: Part of the Deal


GPS is such a powerful tool that it brings out strong feelings on both sides of many arguments. In nearly any dispute over the use of GPS in a certain capacity, you can list several solid points on both sides. Here are some of the most common examples: Pros Cons Safety: Tracking children, elderly, and mentally handicapped people allows guardians to find them quickly if they become lost. Privacy: Knowing another person’s location at every moment of the day carries serious privacy concerns. Efficiency: Tracking fleet vehicles allows managers to make better routing/distribution decisions. Restriction: Employees could be hampered fromRead More

Own a GPS? Lock Your Car

According to some sources, between 20,000 and 30,000 GPS devices are stolen from vehicles each year. Thieves can get as much as $50.00 on the street for these devices. One recent case involved a group of teenagers in Ohio. Streetsboro police responded to calls from residents on the night of August 4, 2013, reporting suspicious behavior in their neighborhood. Upon investigation, officers found an unknown car parked in a resident’s driveway . . . with four suspects hiding inside. Further investigation revealed stolen GPS navigation devices and other stolen electronic items in the car as well. Total value of the items wasRead More

GPS Capabilities to Expand to Indoor Spaces?

Did you know that the Soviet Union’s launch of Sputnik in 1957 has a specific connection to today’s sophisticated Global Positioning System? And that relationship is based on more than the fact that GPS depends on satellites to function. It’s because as Sputnik orbited the earth, scientists discovered that they could map its location based on the way its signals were being altered by the Doppler effect. It didn’t take long for someone to turn the relationship around. If humans can map the location of a satellite… could we make a satellite that would map the location of humans? AsRead More

GPS Devices Approved as Bypass Transponders

Using GPS devices on the highways has become a relatively common thing, and even experienced truck drivers use them to find the best routes and avoid traffic congestion. A recent government decision, however, opens the door for a brand new application for these useful gadgets.   The Current System Trucking companies maintain large fleets of trucks that transport products across the nation on the interstate highway system. One temptation these companies face is to overload their trucks to save time and money. Most states, however, have restrictions on the amount of weight that can be carried on a truck, andRead More

Civilian GPS Needs Increased Encryption Protection

In June 2013, a group of graduate students from the University of Texas at Austin sent shock waves through the world of GPS technology when they successfully tricked (or “spoofed”) the GPS navigation system on a super yacht, causing the ship to go off course. Todd Humphreys, assistant professor, and his students carried on board a device no bigger than a briefcase that fooled the boat’s navigation system (and, therefore, also fooled the boat’s navigators) into thinking the boat was drifting off-course when, in fact, it was not. To correct the “error,” the navigators actually swerved the boat off course.Read More

The Capabilities of an Asian GPS

Although Asian countries have launched numerous types of satellites into space, India has launched its first navigational satellite. This satellite is the first of many building blocks for constructing a powerful GPS network. With this navigational satellite, India will be more capable in war, navigation, and precise timing. First of all, India will be more capable in war. With this new technology at its fingertips, India will not have to rely on other countries’ navigational systems for help if war was to ever break out. Instead, this Asian GPS provides the option of improving communication and location placements from various placesRead More