The U.S. Naval Office is Tracking Cautiously

Are you on the GPS tracking bandwagon? It’s been rolling full tilt for quite a while now, and it seems to be picking up more passengers the longer it goes on. It’s easy to understand why people get so excited about this technology; from activities like geocaching to extremely serious law enforcement applications, GPS makes a lot of things work much better than ever before.   At least one U.S. agency, however, is looking just a little bit askance at the GPS tracking revolution. It’s not that the U.S. Naval Office doesn’t trust GPS and wants to do away withRead More

Geolocate With Caution

Sharing real-time location data with friends is a lot of fun. Nearly anyone who has just bought a smartphone or iPhone knows how tempting it can be to spend hours uploading photos of himself and looking up photos of acquaintances to see where they have been or where they are at that very moment. But, like most things that are really fun, geolocation is best when restricted by a few careful guidelines.   Consider for a moment just what you are doing when you post a photo of yourself on Facebook with geolocation tags attached. You are proclaiming to everyoneRead More

Suzuki-Garmin Partnership: Wise?

Driving home

Garmin, one of the top GPS navigational device manufacturers announced their in-dash technology will be coming to future Suziki models. In the wake of the release of the NHSTA’s Driver Distraction Guidelines for In-Vehicle Electronic Devices, it is unknown whether or not this partnership is the best idea. The system to be installed in most 2013 Suzuki vehicles sold in the United States will feature a 6.1-inch high-resolution touch screen display, CD player, AM/FM radio, USB slot for iPod/iPhone connectivity, internal flash memory, and Bluetooth. The system has been referred to as an “infotainment” system and will also be offeredRead More

GPS Protects Trick-or-Treaters

With Halloween just behind us, and costumes are being packed away, many parents may be already looking forward to next year and are concerned about the future safety of their children. While statistics seem to show that sex offenders and predators are not any more active on Halloween than any other night, parents should still be cautious of their children’s safety. Parents should of course use common sense, but may also wish to use the aid of a GPS tracking device. Many parents may wish to make trick-or-treating a family outing, and may have been out this year with theirRead More

Firefighters Use GPS to Their Advantage

Imagine trying to fight a raging forest fire without maps or knowing how much acreage is involved. Maps have long been important tools for firefighters and are now even more effective with the advent of GPS tracking. The old method was to fly over the fire, while sketching it out over topographic maps. The maps are crucial to show the location of the fire, how fast it is spreading, and to determine the particular firefighting difficulties likely to be encountered due to the terrain. However, sometimes sketches are not totally accurate and their rendering takes some time. Smoke on theRead More