Tracking Locomotives with the Help of GPS Systems


The Indian city of Tiruchi is one of the many communities around the world to recognize the value of GPS systems in regards to train transportation. As of May 2014, nearly 60% of the diesel locomotives at Tiruchi Diesel Loco Shed are equipped with GPS tracking devices. This not only allows engineers to monitor the progress of the engines; it also provides information which will prevent accidents and keep the trains safe. How Are Engines Monitored Through GPS? The engines at the Tiruchi Diesel Loco Shed utilize a remote monitoring card which is installed inside the engine. An antenna attachedRead More

South Korea Requests Approval to Buy GPS-Guided Missiles


GPS tracking has a long history of military use. The technology was first designed by the U.S. military to assist in tactical operations. As new and better applications have been developed, governments around the globe have also implemented GPS tracking for both military and civilian purposes. New military uses continue to surface, and one recent development is the GPS-guided missile. GPS-guided missiles use GPS satellite data to lock onto a target remotely, eliminating the need for manual guidance. Cluster bombs can be equipped with GPS technology, making them much more accurate as they seek out larger targets like armored vehicles.Read More

GPS and Indian Politics

India transportation

In December 2012, a 23-year-old woman and her male companion boarded a private bus near South Delhi after a night out. The couple was immediately assaulted, and the woman was repeatedly raped by the male passengers as well as the driver of the bus. The woman later died from the injuries she sustained in the attack. The incident caused immediate public and violent outcry against a government that fails to protect its citizens, especially its female citizens. Laws were passed and changes implemented to protect passengers on public transportation, including a plan to install GPS-enabled navigation and surveillance equipment inRead More

Chronicling Your Off Road Adventures with Spot Trace

off roading

If you like to spend your free time on a four-wheeler in remote areas of the country, you’ll be glad to know about Spot Trace, an anti-theft GPS device designed for the rugged road. This system relies solely on GPS coverage, so you can get a signal just about anywhere – even in remote desert areas. And it’ll send a progress report to as many cell phones and email addresses that you choose. You could even keep your friends up to date on where you are in your adventure! Why Invest in a GPS System for Your Off Road Trips?Read More

Thailand Steps Up as GPS Rival’s First Customer

Since 2000, China has steadily built and launched satellites for Beidou, its own version of the United States GPS network. The country hopes to have its final stages (a goal of 30 satellites) completed by 2020. The Beidou satellite network has been initially designed to service Southeast Asia (which is its current capability) with the intent of global functionality when the project is finished. Up until now, no other country has taken the plunge since little data yet exists that the system fully works. Why Target Thailand? Apparently, it’s because of the United States’ dominance in the Southeast Asian sector,Read More

Philippines: Taxi Dispatch System Launched Featuring GPS Device

Three Philippine taxi companies, Sturdy, R & E, and Mabuhay taxi, have announced the launch of the country’s first taxi dispatching system featuring GPS device.   This system will accept job orders from the call center, and the GPS device will help determine who is closest to the passenger requiring a ride, assigning the job to those taxis.   Improving Taxi Service The drivers of the taxis can put in their bid for the job, as well as find prospective passengers using the system. This allows them to respond to requests faster, and offer better customer service at the sameRead More

Busted Bus Thieves

Where are Our Buses? That’s what some transportation supervisors at a Chicago school district were asking when they discovered their buses were missing one morning. Thieves stole eight buses from the school district bus port. But what the bus breakers didn’t know was that the buses were equipped with GPS tracking devices.   Once law enforcement became aware of the situation, they were able to track the position of the bus by its GPS signals. Unfortunately, the stolen buses had already met a crunching fate. Upon arriving at the scene, police found the vehicles gutted and the metal scrapped highRead More

Broward County, FL: Green Light To Install GPS In School Buses

In the hopes of making their school bus routes more efficient and ultimately saving the county some money, the school district of Broward County, FL has decided to commit over $3 million over the next five years to install GPS tracking devices on over 1,300 of their school buses.   The GPS tracking system will include technology that keeps track of children when they get on and off the bus with student-tracking ID badges. This is to correct many problems that have plagued their transportation department for some time now.   The Problems The school buses in Broward County haveRead More

Stiffer Penalties Await Parolee’s Tampering with GPS Devices

It seems that California’s overcrowded prison system can’t win. Gang violence has long been a problem for cities like L.A., Oakland, San Jose, and the Iron Triangle district of Richmond, which have all earned well deserved reputations as some of the nation’s most dangerous areas. And the economic downturn of the last decade certainly has not helped curb the violence as cities forced to make cuts have trimmed police forces as well as after school programs that help keep kids of the streets.   Ongoing violence and the felons convicted under the three strikes law have contributed to a rapidlyRead More

GPS vs. the Cabbie

Through the city they rush; what a commotion! What a hurried buzzing! Taxis, cabs; whatever you like to call them, they seem to hold a central role for residents of any big city. From point A to point B they can get you in a jiffy…usually. Sometimes they take so long you beg for divine intervention and other times they whizz past the traffic so speedily you wonder how they even manage it. Well, just maybe they used a GPS system to track a route and gauge the traffic before they even pulled out onto the road.   GPS trackingRead More