Shrinking GPS Technology Allows for Broader Applications


When it comes to Global Positioning System technology, if you can imagine a use for it then someone is probably already developing it as a product. Advancements continue to impress and progress, giving mankind amazing new capabilities. While most of us are well aware of GPS guided navigation systems, organizations and companies around the world are using GPS technology for tracking, crime prevention, emergency search and rescue, and environmental management, along with numerous other applications. Thanks to the U.S. military’s ongoing pursuit of technology, many highly sophisticated devices have become familiar to civilians. And we all benefit as they progressRead More

Tappan Zee Construction Uses GPS Technology for Added Safety

Tappan Zee Bridge

A few miles north of Manhattan and its famous bridges (the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, George Washington Bridge, etc.) is another historic and important New York State bridge: the Tappan Zee Bridge. Crossing the Hudson River at a spot called Tappan Zee (one of the river’s widest points), it connects Tarrytown to South Nyack. The original bridge—the longest bridge in New York State—opened in 1955. In the nearly sixty years since then, the population of the area and therefore its traffic congestion have dramatically increased. The bridge’s aging infrastructure, coupled with the fact that it carries far more trafficRead More

GPS-Guided Transportation for the Elderly

elderly couple

We live in an aging society. As the Greatest Generation passes on, the Baby Boomers are swelling the ranks of the elderly. In fact, the National Center on Senior Transportation anticipates that by 2020, one out of every six people will be over the age of 65. And medical advancements have paved the way for these seniors to live even longer lives than generations past; however, with age comes failing health and disabilities with increased need of care. Organizations, family members, and individuals themselves are realizing the value technology has in not only improving their lives but also in makingRead More

GPS and Wildfires


If you live in an area of the country where wildfires are common, then you know jut how important it is to prevent them. Sometimes, they can start on their own due to high desert temperatures. Whatever the cause of a wildfire, the important thing is to respond as quickly as possible to minimize devastation and risk to homes that might be in the fire’s path. To date, there have been nineteen fires in Arizona alone from April 21st – June 26th. Currently, firefighters rely on tree trimming to help them access areas that have caught on fire. It thins outRead More

Improving GPS Technology in the Skies Could Improve Safety


Although GPS devices have made it much safer to fly the friendly skies in terms of midair collisions, there are those occasions where accidents happen. Researchers at North Carolina State University are attempting to help pilots better avoid the midair collision thanks to GPS technology and the simple blinking light. They’ve developed modifications for existing on-board GPS devices that helps pilots in a crucial way to avoid midair collisions – it allows them to respond even more quickly to an impending collision, sparing them from the crash altogether. The Problem There certainly is a lot of data a pilot hasRead More

Elephant Conservation Improved by GPS Technology

CC Image courtesy of SarahDepper on Flickr

Here at the Rocky Mountain Tracking blog, we’ve shared many stories over the years about ways GPS technology is used by wildlife biologists and researchers. We’ve published stories about bear tracking, rhino tracking, eagle tracking, cat tracking and many others. Over the last couple of years, we’ve noticed a shift from GPS tracking being used mostly for wildlife research, to seeing the technology used in real-time conservation efforts. In a way, just about all wildlife tracking is done with the welfare of the animal being tracked in mind. One could argue that all wildlife GPS tracking is part of aRead More

Tracking the Real Assets: Fire Fighters

GPS and firefighters

Fighting fires is a time-honored, dangerous, and thoroughly fulfilling job for all the brave men and women who don the mask to put out fires made both by man and nature. When the firefighters are dealing with forest fires that cover literally acres of real estate, the danger levels escalate as roads become isolated and cut off from escape routes. In earlier times, firefighters who went out in such conditions ran the risk of running into an inescapable situation very quickly. As a wildfire spreads, any sudden change in wind direction or fuel source can create any number of alternativeRead More

GPS Tracking and the Law: An Update

GPS Tracking Lawyer

Any time a new technology is unveiled, it can be used in unforeseen ways—often in ways that inventors of the technology did not envision. When GPS tracking technology had its start in the 1970s, it was primarily designed for military use. In the 1990s when, like the Internet, it was opened to use by the public at large, people primarily sought to use it as a mapping tool—allowing them to get from Point A to Point B the quickest way or by avoiding interstate highways or tolls, and so on. But at least since 2008 several controversies have erupted overRead More

GPS Help for the Wanderers


Every day, somewhere in this country or around the world, law enforcement and rescue operations are called upon to look for an elderly or mentally impaired adult who has wandered away from home. Society has tracking devices for pets, children, and even personal possessions, but what about the elderly and infirm? Who is looking out for them? Andrew Carle, an assistant professor at George Mason University, has long seen the need to tap into the vast world of GPS technology on behalf of the elderly. His work as a consultant on senior housing issues has made him more than awareRead More

Globe Trekking with GPS


Images from our childhood daydreams come to life as we imagine ourselves transported to the heart of the deepest, darkest parts of the rainforest, hacking down vines and vegetation with a machete and looking for lost treasure. Maybe we are thinking of ourselves as a modern day Indiana Jones looking for another lost relic or Dian Fossey setting out to interact with gorillas, but there is something romantic and thrilling about the thought of getting lost in a jungle and living to tell about it. That is probably the thought process many modern travel companies are hoping their clients haveRead More