Australia: Attempt to Keep Loggerhead Sea Turtles Safe from Predators with GPS

Australia: Attempt to Keep Loggerhead Sea Turtles Safe from Predators with GPS

Managing wildlife populations is a tricky venture. You want to help endangered species fight for their survival  in order to build up their numbers, but you don’t want to disrupt an entire ecosystem. In Australia, on the Queensland coast at Wreck Rock Beach, loggerhead sea turtles are one of those endangered species whose nests are threatened by goannas, a kind of Australian monitor lizard. These pesky lizards have devoured thousands of eggs and hatchlings, so researchers are trying everything they can to reverse this. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Australia reports that there are more than 70 female loggerheads thatRead More

High-Tech Motorcycle Helmet with GPS Designed

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Distracted driver laws throughout the country are designed to keep people safe while traveling, and car manufacturers have addressed this with numerous forms of technology. Most cars today are designed with in-dash so-called “infotainment” systems–your center of information like navigation instructions (thanks to GPS tracking devices), satellite radio, and more. Others connect your phone to the car, allowing you to place calls and send texts with simple voice commands. But what about motorcycle riders? How can they take advantage of GPS trackers for maps and other information? There isn’t exactly an easy way to do voice commands with all ofRead More

Canadian Driver Ed Classes Now Include Tricky Weather Driving

A snowy road in the mountains.

If you’ve lived in Florida all your life, but have just decided to move to Colorado, you may be shocked and a bit frightened when it comes to driving in snow, sleet, freezing rain, and on ice. This is the same notion that one drivers education program in Manitoba, Canada, has adopted when it comes to the latest programs offered by the drivers ed course. Now, the course includes instructions on how to drive in tricky weather for newly landed immigrants, and for those people that have just never seen snowy weather before. A Safer Road for All Since theRead More

Wyoming: Tracking Mule Deer During Migration

A mule deer.

In an effort to track mule deer in Wyoming to better understand migratory habits, wildlife biologists at the University of Wyoming are affixing GPS tracking devices to deer captured by helicopter. The goal is to learn more about their health and the path they travel during what is known as the Red Desert-to-Hoback migration, the longest known land migration in the lower 48 states. The journey, taken by the deer twice each year, spans 150 miles. The scientists hope that data gathered during the GPS project will help conservationists better understand the needs of the deer in regards to protectingRead More

Ironman Turns to GPS Tracking

Two cyclists riding in an Ironman competition.

If you’re a fan of the Ironman competition, you’ll be happy to know that you can now follow competitors on the website thanks to new technology being used during the race called ‘IRONFAN.’ Fan will be able to log into the website, see how competitors are doing, and gain additional stats based on information logged by athletes. Not Just for Fans IRONFAN is for the competitors too. Using the new technology and the Ironman website combined, athletes can log into the site and record biometric and other pieces of data for additional tracking purposes. Not only can fans lookRead More

Would You Run 5.7 Miles for Love?

Will you marry me spelled out by running with a GPS.

What would you do to propose to the person that you love? Would you run 5.7 miles using a GPS tracker in order to spell out the words ‘Will You Marry Me?’ Well, that’s what Ben Chudley of England did this week when he decided to propose to his two-year girlfriend. The Plan Chudley knew that he wanted to use his phone’s GPS tracking device to map the words to his proposal during this run. So, he set out one day and ran the route that would eventually create the words for his proposal. But, Chudley didn’t want to proposeRead More

CNet’s Tech Cars of the Year (2014)

Satellite Orbiting Earth - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog is one of the most reliable tech review websites. Throughout the year, journalists at CNet test various components of popular cars based on a tech criteria. Things like the best in-car command system, stereo, and drivetrain are all taken into account in each review that CNet publishes. At the end of the year, the company posts the best tech cars that the CNet team tested. Here’s this year’s list. 2015 BMW i8: The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid that doesn’t look like your typical hybrid. This car has a carbon fiber body, in-car apps that impress, various driverRead More

Seiko’s New Astron GPS Watch

Seiko Astron GPS Watch

With all the hype about the new James Bond movie, you might be inclined to think the new Seiko Astron is a 007 gadget — that’s the fictitious stuff that the Astron is made of. But this isn’t fiction. It’s a real watch that anyone (spy or otherwise) can wear. What’s spy-like about the Astron is that it harnesses the power of GPS satellites. The automatic watch changes time no matter where you are on the planet using GPS technology. No more messing with watch times when you cross the pond, and no more arriving to a meeting three hoursRead More

How GPS Saved This Woman’s Life

Old beat up GMC van.

GPS trackers tend to be in the news when a new product is launched, or when new technology related to GPS trackers is available. But every once in a while, GPS trackers manage to save someone’s life. This is exactly what happened in Philadelphia recently. A Kidnapped Woman Is Tracked On November 2nd, a woman was kidnapped while walking down the sidewalk. Surveillance cameras caught a van pulling up beside the woman, the body of a man stepping out and grabbing the woman, and the woman being shoved inside of the idling van. The video cameras that caught the crimeRead More

This Tesla Reads Road Signs

Tesla D car

You may have heard about connected cars, flying cars, and other really innovative car tech lately (right here on this blog, no doubt!), but have you heard of a car that can actually read road signs and adjust driving to fit those signs? The Tesla Model D can do just that – and more. Here’s what Tesla has been working on, and what you’ll find inside the Model D. The Tesla P85D Comparable to the MacLaren F1, the Tesla P85D can go from 0 to 60 in 3.2 seconds, last for 275 miles on one charge, and, yes, it canRead More