These Sneakers Track Your Child’s Movements

These Sneakers Track Your Child’s Movements

How do you find out where your kids are at all times? GPS trackers help. But most kids will remove a tracker that’s placed on a necklace or bracelet, and may not always wear that watch or backpack. If there’s one thing that kids love, though, it’s colorful sneakers, and that’s what two companies are banking on with a new line of smart shoes – that’s right, smart shoes. What are smart shoes? Shoes that include a GPS tracker, of course! Sports giant 361 Degrees and Chinese company Baidu have teamed up to create colorful sneakers that kids will likeRead More

FitBit Adds Bike Tracking Via GPS

FitBit Adds Bike Tracking Via GPS

FitBit is easily one of the most popular exercise tracking devices on the market right now. The FitBit Surge is at the top of the FitBit list. The Surge is easy to use and comes with a lot of great features, and now FitBit has added a major update that includes bicycle tracking with the help of GPS technology. FitBit’s Bike Tracking Tech The new Bike Tracking feature included as part of the FitBit Surge tracks vitals like distance, duration, speed, heart rate, and calories burned while you bike. All of these details will help you become a better, orRead More

The Secret Lives of Pandas

The Secret Lives of Pandas

We don’t know much about pandas, and (as it turns out) all that we did know might not actually be true. For the first time, researchers have used GPS tracking devices to track the behavior of pandas. What they have recently discovered is that pandas aren’t as lazy as once thought. Mating Rituals Previously, it was believed that pandas were too lazy to mate, which is why pandas don’t reproduce in large numbers. But by attaching GPS collars to five pandas in China’s Wolong Nature Reserve, scientists have been able to view pandas like never before – without the interferenceRead More

GPS Tracking Devices for Manhole Covers?

GPS Tracking Devices for Manhole Covers?

China has a problem. People are stealing manhole covers in order to turn that scrap metal into cash. The scrap metal industry is huge, and some people are making great money selling metal if they can gather enough of it. What better way to gather up a ton of scrap metal than to steal manhole covers? But for obvious reasons, this is a problem. Without manhole covers in place, people, animals, and car tires fall into these massive holes. In order to put up a fight against manhole cover theft, the Chinese government has decided to do something about it.Read More

The Problem With Tracking Parrots

A Kea parrot.

Ever since the creation of the GPS tracking device, researchers and conservationists have had one goal: to find out more about the animals that we live alongside. One animal that we don’t know that much about is the wild parrot. But there’s a problem with tracking parrots. Parrots have strong beaks that they use to rip things apart–things like GPS trackers. Until this point, scientists have been thoroughly frustrated with the number of GPS collars that parrots have ripped apart. Now, researchers have discovered that tracking wild parrots is actually possible – they just have to create strong gps trackers!Read More

Swans Tracked Using GPS Trackers

A swan.

Every year, a number of Bewick swans make the move from the UK to a breeding ground in Arctic Russia. This year, some of those swans are being tracked using GPS tracking technology, so that researchers can better understand the bird’s migratory patterns. A Population Problem In the UK, the Bewick swan is the rarest swan that can be found, but for some reason the number of Bewick swans in the UK is drastically declining. Researchers aren’t sure why this is happening, but it’s important they find out. If something is eating the swans or if the swans are justRead More

Is Hunting Helping With Conservation Efforts?

A lion sticking it's tongue out.

The Maasai people of Northern Kenya and Tanzania have always hunted lions. Certain men from this tribe have been given the title of ‘lion hunter’ in order to prevent lions from killing livestock, but also as a source of pride or rite of passage–it takes great courage to hunt lions. While seemingly impossible, conservationists have been able to work with the Maasai people in order to protect lions. How? A Mock Hunt The Maasai don’t hunt lions with modern weapons. Instead, they set out on foot in a group, find a lion, and close in on that lion with chantsRead More

Mumbai Gets GPS Trackers in Taxis

Taxis in Mumbai.

Mumbai taxi cabs are about to be equipped with GPS trackers, according to state transport minister Diwakar Raote. Citing recent safety concerns, all black and yellow taxis in Mumbai will soon have GPS tracking devices installed on board. The new trackers will provide women with more security when taking a taxi anywhere in the city. Over the past few months, there have been numerous cases of violence in taxi cabs throughout India, and government officials hope that the new trackers will help to curb some of this behavior. But, the government in Mumbai isn’t stopping at taxis either. According toRead More

Atmospheric Froth and GPS

The sky. It's big, and blue.

Atmospheric froth is the name that scientists have given to irregularities in the ionosphere (the part of the atmosphere that separates Earth and space), and it’s a major point of interest for NASA and for researchers at the University of New Brunswick. Why is froth gaining so much attention? Simply put, those irregularities are causing problems with radio signals from GPS satellites and with aircraft. How GPS Happens We tend to take GPS for granted regularly. We use GPS on our phones, in our cars, and to track items of all kinds. In order for all of these things toRead More

The Mercedes Future Truck 2025

Mercedes Self Driving Semi - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Mercedes announced back in October of last year that the company was working on a self-driving semi truck. In case you missed it, this truck looks almost like a regular truck, only it has LEDs, cameras instead of mirrors, and it drives itself. The truck will also include some other fun details, and Mercedes has been hard at work actually developing this concept truck to be road ready by 2025. The Mercedes Concept Truck If Mercedes succeeds at creating this truck, it will revolutionize the trucking industry. The trucks will be equipped with something Mercedes is calling ‘Highway Pilot,’ whichRead More