GM Has a New Self-Driving Cadillac

Lucas Jackson/Reuters

General Motors Company is working on a new self-driving Cadillac that will debut in 2017 (if all goes according to plan, that is). The new Cadillac will include many self-driving components, but it will not be entirely void of human control. GM has told press that the car will still require some human interaction. Super Cruise Technology GM’s is developing something called “Super Cruise” technology, which lets drivers go hands-free while in a long traffic line, or while on a very long drive. Presumably, drivers can remove their hands from the wheel during these times, and the car will simplyRead More

Ford’s Green Zone

Beverley Goodwin

Ford Motor Company is working on something called “Green Zone” that uses GPS technology to determine when a car should use battery power, and when it’s better to rely on fossil fuels. Most hybrid cars can switch between the two energy sources, but doing so has to be done manually. The new Green Zone technology that Ford is developing wouldn’t require any kind of manual switch. Instead, the tech uses GPS to determine when a car should draw on what source of energy. How Green Zone Works The problem with manually switching from fossil fuels to battery power is thatRead More

How 200 Pound Rocks Move On a Desert Floor

Tom Babich

Death Valley National Park hasn’t been visited by UFOs, though prior to a recent GPS tracking study, the alien explanation might have been the only logical option. You see, there are rocks that move across the base of a company dry lake bed – big rocks, rocks that weigh 200 pounds and more. Nearby residents have nicknamed that particular stretch of Death Valley “Racetrack Playa” because rocks leaving behind giant tracks can be found strewn throughout the dried up lakebed. Unable to solve the mystery of how the rocks move without human (or alien) help, a team of researchers decidedRead More

New Dementia Research Places Importance on Distance

Teppo Moisio

Researchers have long believed that there might be a link between the area that a person feels comfortable traveling in each day and an early indication of Alzheimer’s disease. Using a GPS tracking system in conjunction with cell phone location data, researchers at the University of Waterloo have made that assumed connection much more real. How Far People Travel The U of W team found that by tracking people suffering from early Alzheimer’s using GPS tracking technology, there is a definite correlation between how far someone travels in a day and Alzheimer’s disease. As it turns out, those suffering fromRead More

One Size Doesn’t Fit All: GPS Tracking Tailors to Any Size of Business

truck fleet

Technological developments continue to streamline life at home and work. Time-consuming tasks like paying bills and balancing a budget can now be done in minutes. Business owners, now more than ever, enjoy the advantages of managing many responsibilities through computers and online systems. Any vehicle-owning business, whether a made-to-measure franchise operating smoothly from the start or a small enterprise still being stitched together, can benefit significantly from the capabilities of GPS fleet tracking. What is GPS Fleet Tracking? Fleet tracking systems use Global Positioning System technology to pinpoint, recognize, and oversee vehicle assets. These systems provide GPS guidance for driversRead More

Using GPS to Predict a Tsunami

Who can forget the devastation of the tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004 or the one that swept over Japan in 2011? There were hundreds of thousands of lives lost and billions of dollars in damage sustained. Although these natural disasters cannot be prevented, people are asking if there is a better way to predict these events and thus prevent such catastrophic losses. Scientists see hope for a better warning system in the implementation of GPS technology to detect a tsunami in its infancy.   NASA researchers at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California plan to use the GPSRead More

GPS Keeps on Truckin’ with Rand McNally

City Trucks GPS

Professional truck drivers depend on GPS technology to get them to their destinations safely and in a timely manner. Rand McNally understands the unique needs of these drivers, and they have developed a line of GPS devices specifically designed for truckers, including their newest unit, the IntelliRoute TND 720.   Introducing the Main Feature Rand McNally looked at tens of thousands of “TellRand” submissions by professional drivers to improve its GPS tracking systems, and one of the top requests was for a device that could keep truckers up-to-date on current and predicted weather conditions along with other real-time information necessaryRead More

Hobbyists Have Fun with Improvised GPS Device Games

Can playing free games with a GPS tracking device actually be fun? While upon first glance, the answer might be “Huwha?!” the actuality is not as crazy as it sounds. Many individuals have taken up “geocaching,” or finding hidden gems with their GPS tracking systems. Geocaching works by taking old maps and superimposing them on top of more recent maps in GPS tracking systems. For example, a recent article in The New York Times described a 13 year old boy who used his GPS tracking devices to find an 18th-century graveyard near a suburban shopping center. “We never would haveRead More

Smart Business Owners Embrace GPS and Increase Profits

When difficult economic times hit, most businesses that were hanging on by a thread folded.  The ones that remain have learned how to cope by making significant changes in their operations.  Is there more than can be done?  Certainly, there is always room for improvement. Now that businesses have taken every conceivable action to stay in business, attention turns to the little things.  Taken together, these can help keep the wheels turning for a long period of time. Avoid Hiring Payroll is the biggest expense for most businesses.  The need to bring another person on must be weighed against theRead More

Houston Police Put On Demonstration

Car Safety When discussing car safety and auto-theft protection many experts will usually discuss GPS tracking systems, car alarms or more simple steps such as parking a vehicle in the garage or locking doors. The experts will usually share statistics about the increase in car burglaries, and some helpful tips on how to prevent the problem. Taking a more hands-on approach to the problem with car-theft and burglary, the Houston Police Department decided to give people a demonstration on how quickly and efficiently the bad guys operate. With the assistance of State Farm Insurance, who provided the police a demoRead More