Vanderbilt Next Team to Track Football Players’ Performance

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College football teams seek out the best of the best to recruit to their teams, hoping the men they assemble on the playing field each week lead their team to a championship. They practice endlessly, perfecting their plays, and hoping that injuries don’t occur. When technology intersects with sports, all kinds of amazing things happen. We’ve brought you stories of the wearable tracking devices used by teams–-not just football-–all over the world, designed to bring data to the coaches that allow their teams to play at an optimum performance level. The latest team to give the technology a try: Vanderbilt.Read More

Mumbai Gets GPS Trackers in Taxis

Taxis in Mumbai.

Mumbai taxi cabs are about to be equipped with GPS trackers, according to state transport minister Diwakar Raote. Citing recent safety concerns, all black and yellow taxis in Mumbai will soon have GPS tracking devices installed on board. The new trackers will provide women with more security when taking a taxi anywhere in the city. Over the past few months, there have been numerous cases of violence in taxi cabs throughout India, and government officials hope that the new trackers will help to curb some of this behavior. But, the government in Mumbai isn’t stopping at taxis either. According toRead More

Apple’s Upcoming Electric Car

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According to reports from the Wall Street Journal, Apple is currently making an electric car. This news might not surprise many tech-savvy readers, since tech, in general, is largely headed in the connected car direction, so why wouldn’t one of the world’s biggest tech leaders (Apple) get in on this fast sailing ship? Apple tends to keep all projects that the company is working on top secret, which is why we never hear much about any new Apple product before an official launch date. But, WSJ has some speculative secrets about the new Apple car. If you think that youRead More

Ways to Prevent Fuel Card Fraud

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Keeping a close eye on fuel costs is vital to any fleet business. That’s why a lot of drivers now carry fuel cards, and use those cards to pay for fuel. Unlike cash and other forms of payment, transactions made with a fuel card can be tracked, and are more secure than most other ways to pay. That said, though, there has been a major hike in fuel card fraud over the past few years. Most credit card fraud that happens occurs in the United States, though this is not a US-centric problem. Card fraud is a global issue thatRead More

University of Miami Football Latest to Employ GPS Technology

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When you are picked up by a college football team, you’re expected to work hard to perform better than you did during the last game or practice. They strive for excellence, and you work your hardest to provide it. But certain aspects of your performance are tough to measure. Sure, you can measure muscles and weigh yourself, tracking just how much stronger you are than the last time you worked out, but on the field, it’s tough to measure a variety of stats that could help you see just where you need improvement. Many teams around the world–football, soccer, andRead More

Canadian Driver Ed Classes Now Include Tricky Weather Driving

A snowy road in the mountains.

If you’ve lived in Florida all your life, but have just decided to move to Colorado, you may be shocked and a bit frightened when it comes to driving in snow, sleet, freezing rain, and on ice. This is the same notion that one drivers education program in Manitoba, Canada, has adopted when it comes to the latest programs offered by the drivers ed course. Now, the course includes instructions on how to drive in tricky weather for newly landed immigrants, and for those people that have just never seen snowy weather before. A Safer Road for All Since theRead More

The Mercedes Future Truck 2025

Mercedes Self Driving Semi - Rocky Mountain Tracking Blog

Mercedes announced back in October of last year that the company was working on a self-driving semi truck. In case you missed it, this truck looks almost like a regular truck, only it has LEDs, cameras instead of mirrors, and it drives itself. The truck will also include some other fun details, and Mercedes has been hard at work actually developing this concept truck to be road ready by 2025. The Mercedes Concept Truck If Mercedes succeeds at creating this truck, it will revolutionize the trucking industry. The trucks will be equipped with something Mercedes is calling ‘Highway Pilot,’ whichRead More

Ironman Turns to GPS Tracking

Two cyclists riding in an Ironman competition.

If you’re a fan of the Ironman competition, you’ll be happy to know that you can now follow competitors on the website thanks to new technology being used during the race called ‘IRONFAN.’ Fan will be able to log into the website, see how competitors are doing, and gain additional stats based on information logged by athletes. Not Just for Fans IRONFAN is for the competitors too. Using the new technology and the Ironman website combined, athletes can log into the site and record biometric and other pieces of data for additional tracking purposes. Not only can fans lookRead More

What To Look For In a Fleet Manager

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When it comes to your fleet business, hiring a good manager is crucial to the success of your company. Finding that manager can be tough to do, but it becomes easier if you know what to look for in the person that will eventually be managing your fleet. Take a look at these desirable character traits that every fleet manager should have before you start the hiring process. Someone that’s goal-driven. A fleet manager has to have specific goals in mind, and those goals also have to be attainable. Focusing on many different goals at once that span the entireRead More

Celebs Love GPS Coordinate Tattoos

Slahs Gets A Tattoo - Rocky Mountain Tracking GPS Blog

The trend might have been started by Angelina Jolie, but ‘Guns and Roses’ guitarist Slash is carrying on the trend. What trend? The one where celebrities tattoo GPS coordinates on their bodies. Jolie has the coordinates of each of the birthplaces of all of her children tattooed on her arm, and Slash now has some coordinates of his own tattooed on his neck (ouch!). Slash’s Coordinate Significance According to various celebrity publications, Slash now has coordinates that lead to Chicago, Illinois, and Woodland Hills, California tattooed on his neck. Why? His new girlfriend (Slash has recently been divorced for theRead More