GPS Tracking Catches Murder Suspect in Lie

If you’re going to lie about poisoning someone, make sure you don’t have GPS tracking installed in your car. That’s the lesson learned by William J. Camuti of Sudbury, MA after his GPS tracking device revealed new evidence pinpointing his location at the scene where a dead man’s body was found. Camuti was charged with the attempted murder of Stephen Rakes, a man who figured prominently in the case against alleged extortionist James Bulger. While Rakes’ cause of death has not been positively identified, prosecutors are confident they can prove that Camuti slipped cyanide into his coffee the day beforeRead More

Helping to Find Those Who Don’t Know They Are Lost

What do you do when the people who used to care for you can no longer care for themselves? This is one of the most difficult things to accept as we and our parents age: that the people who used to be our rock and security now need our help for basic tasks. Words like dementia and Alzheimer’s are very scary when they are being used to refer to our parents. A common and legitimate fear is that our parents or loved ones could wander off and not be able to find their way back. Oddly enough, just as GPSRead More

GPS Tracking Foils Carjackers

Here’s a tip for the next time someone brazenly steals your car from you: Leave your phone inside. The GPS tracking unit inside your phone could help bring about an entirely different result than the carjackers intended. That’s what happened to a driver on the streets of Ludhiana, India, when he slowed down his car to make a phone call. Pawan Kumar was driving home one evening when another car stopped in front of him, two men got out, and Kumar was forced from his vehicle at gunpoint. Fortunately for Kumar, his cell phone remained in the vehicle. When heRead More

GPS for Dementia Sufferers: Genius or Barbaric?

Would outfitting dementia sufferers with GPS tracking devices demean and stigmatize them, equating them with criminals? Or would the practice actually prove to be a brilliant method of keeping track of specialty cases, assisting family members and police in location missing dementia sufferers? GPS tracking devices have long been utilized in law enforcement work, whether for tracing missing persons or for keeping surveillance over tagged criminals. These devices have been helpful in assisting police and investigators in keeping tabs on criminals likely to flee before trial, violate curfew, or cross location restrictions. The GPS device itself is placed within anRead More

GPS Accessorized and Decked Out

Just when you thought GPS tracking couldn’t get any better, companies across the country come up with more and more ways to improve and impress. From multilingual capabilities to wallet-sized power banks, the technology continues to increase our abilities and take us further down the road of life. Yes! Yes! Yes! Or maybe you prefer Si! Si! Si! Or how about Oui! Oui! Oui! The HD-VOICE from Supertooth is a speaker phone capable of voicing in twelve different languages. The device is small enough to clip onto a visor but big enough to announce incoming calls as well as makeRead More

GPS Tracker Helps Identify Robbery Suspects

Did you know your cell phone could be used to help solve a crime? That was the case for a Bridgeport, Connecticut store clerk in a recent robbery case. The clerk’s phone was stolen by two teens during a hold-up. Because the clerk had installed a GPS tracker app on his phone, police were able to locate the phone and the suspects at a nearby house. Similar cases have been reported all across the nation as GPS tracking devices have become common aids to police investigation. One such incident took place recently in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, when an individual was robbedRead More

Robotic System Aids GPS Precision

Users of smartphone technology and the accompanying GPS unit know how far the accuracy of location pinpointing has come in the last few years. On the horizon are developments that will take that precision to a whole different level, and it will all be done with the help of robots.   A project under way in Australia has begun that uses a robotic system composed of two separate automatons intended to provide researchers with data on the shifting of the Australian continental surface. The precision necessary must be on target down to the millimeter and less. Designed for use in geoscienceRead More

Technology Advancements in GPS Units

With the discovery of new technology comes the need for advancements in the devices that use that technology. What kind of devices could these advancements lead to? One device could possibly be a GPS unit with some features that are better in routing, updating media, and sense capabilities. First, technological advancements in a GPS unit could include better routing. When traveling, the need to find a specific destination is vital, especially when timing is exceptionally important. With better search options, reaching destinations could be done in half the time. Also, roads could be more easily maneuvered if better routing andRead More

New Mexico Installs GPS Tracking Devices on State Vehicles

State workers in New Mexico will soon be more accountable than ever before for how they use the official vehicles they’re driving. The state plans to install GPS tracking devices on its fleet of cars with the goal of saving money and improving efficiency. Over the next three months, the General Services Department will test the new system in order to determine which vendor to use. Ed Burckle, the cabinet secretary for the General Services Department, says that the devices will save money by helping workers take more efficient routes, encouraging them to drive the speed limit, and monitoring engineRead More

Keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe on the Road with GPS Tracking

Summer heat and winter chill can both pose serious threats for older people, especially when they’re travelling. In the event of a breakdown, a missed turn, or a misinterpretation of directions, elderly people may have difficulty getting help. GPS tracking can help provide peace of mind for family members by giving them a way to ensure their loved ones’ safety while at the same time maintaining the independence of elderly parents, grandparents, or relatives. GPS tracking devices allow family members to keep an eye on the location of their elderly loved ones when they’re out on the road. Some modelsRead More