GPS and Indian Politics

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In December 2012, a 23-year-old woman and her male companion boarded a private bus near South Delhi after a night out. The couple was immediately assaulted, and the woman was repeatedly raped by the male passengers as well as the driver of the bus. The woman later died from the injuries she sustained in the attack. The incident caused immediate public and violent outcry against a government that fails to protect its citizens, especially its female citizens. Laws were passed and changes implemented to protect passengers on public transportation, including a plan to install GPS-enabled navigation and surveillance equipment inRead More

GPS Goes Underground


The city of Steubenville, Ohio, recently received $79,500 in funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission through the Ohio Rural Community Assistance program in order to purchase Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technology to map out underground utilities. By obtaining up-to-date mapping of water, sewer, and even power lines, authorities can better manage the city’s resources and save millions in damages. They can keep track of service and inspection records, update system changes, and locate utility-related devices, such as valves and manhole covers to improve efficiency and save lives. And Ohio is not the only state gettingRead More

Using GPS Mapping Overseas

Most people are becoming quite accustomed to using GPS mapping when roaming the countryside or exploring an unfamiliar city. Many are uncertain, however, as to how to use this same technology when their travels take them out of their own country.   With GPS Devices Those who own a stand-alone GPS device may have the easiest time using them overseas. Most of these devices offer additional maps for purchase or download, so the user can find data for the area to which he is headed. Many GPS units allow for the use of memory cards to store additional maps. Often,Read More

Rickshaw Accountability with GPS

GPS fleet tracking is big business now in the United States, both in the commercial and in the public transportation fields. School buses, city buses, taxi cabs, and trains are all likely to be fitted with GPS fleet tracking devices, increasing reliability and giving accountability to operators. But in New Delhi, India, tracking devices are showing up on public transportation vehicles that you aren’t likely to see on your city’s streets any time soon: autorickshaws. A Modern Twist Becomes Even More Modern Indian passengers have been riding in rickshaws for centuries. But today, many rickshaws are motorized instead of beingRead More

Keeping Track of Your Kids

Finding Loved Ones  “It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?” The question posed by this old TV announcement can now be answered more easily than before, thanks to personal GPS tracking devices created for kids. The idea behind the trend comes from parents concerned about the whereabouts of their children. They want to see all their kids’ location and movements, even in real time. The fear of kidnapping by child predators has some parents scared and very vigilant. Parents may also want to track their teen to make sure they are being safe and staying in designatedRead More

4H Club Teaches GPS Skills

GPS skills are not a given, but must be acquired by some means. A club in Juneau, Alaska is helping both children and their parents to learn these and other outdoor skills. What It Is The Outdoor Skills Club is a joint effort between Fish and Game and the local 4H Club. It is led by Tennie Bentz, the Wildlife Education Specialist for Fish and Game, and Darren Snyder, the 4H Youth Development Coordinator. Each Thursday evening during the school year, families gather to learn about some skill that will help them with outdoor activities. A night’s class might focusRead More

India to Implement GPS in State School Buses

In India, and thanks to a positive trial run in a single bus, the Government Model, Senior Secondary School, Sector 16 will be installing GPS tracking devices on all of its school buses.   The contractor of ten of the Sector 16 school’s buses, Tarlochan Singh, performed a trial run with a GPS unit installed onto one of the buses. Due to the positive results of his trial run, Singh made the decision to install GPS tracking units on other buses within the school’s system as well.   GPS tracking devices have been a fast growing trend in public transitRead More

Busted Bus Thieves

Where are Our Buses? That’s what some transportation supervisors at a Chicago school district were asking when they discovered their buses were missing one morning. Thieves stole eight buses from the school district bus port. But what the bus breakers didn’t know was that the buses were equipped with GPS tracking devices.   Once law enforcement became aware of the situation, they were able to track the position of the bus by its GPS signals. Unfortunately, the stolen buses had already met a crunching fate. Upon arriving at the scene, police found the vehicles gutted and the metal scrapped highRead More

GPS on A Bicycle

When one hears the term, “Global Positioning Satellite”, one might typically think of personal vehicle navigation systems or huge dishes floating in orbit thousands of miles above the earth. We all know that we use GPS for quite a spectrum of tasks, it is true. But for the most part, when speaking of using GPS systems in our day to day lives, we tend not to think of much past the bigger and broader applications. That is why, perhaps, it would be strange to some people to think of cyclists using GPS systems on their bicycles. All the same, theRead More

Raising the Standard: GPS for City Buses

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In Baton Rouge, LA, the Capital Area Transit System (CATS) recently implemented a GPS tracking system on their fleet of public transportation vehicles.   The Capital Area Transit System has long been a leader in public transportation technology implementation and application. Buses in the Baton Rouge area already have audio and video technologies installed. LED displays show passengers approaching destinations and intersections, and automated announcements convey news of approaching destinations and arrivals to passengers. Digital passenger counters are an included feature on the Baton Rouge CATS buses.   A newer feature available for riders of the bus in Baton RougeRead More