GPS Tracking of NY Assemblyman Legal, But Acceptable?

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Politics can be a dirty game. Negative ads abound, and during voting season some politicians will stop at nothing to prove points. This was the case in NY when the state’s Assembly Republican Campaign Committee hired an investigator that placed a GPS tracking device on Democratic Assemblyman Edward Hennessey’s car. Why? To prove he didn’t live in the district he represented. Many, like Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle, feel that this is taking things too far – Morelle went so far as to say that the GOP should be “embarrassed by it.” Others, like the GOP Chairman Ed Cox, feltRead More

New Jersey Transit Reduces Waste with GPS Tracking

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New Jersey’s $800 Million Deficit Just two months before the end of the 2014 fiscal year, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced the state to be woefully over budget with a deficit of over $800 million. Having greatly overestimated his predictions on tax revenues, Christie was faced again in April with making drastic budget cuts to fill the gap from a nearly depleted budget. These budget changes, along with Christie’s overly optimistic predictions and recurrent “one-time measures” to address budgets gaps, prompted Wall Street ratings agency Standard & Poor to downgrade New Jersey’s credit rating. The agency also warned thatRead More

GPS — Your Essential Buy-Here-Pay-Here Gear

In the “buy here, pay here” auto market, GPS tracking is becoming essential to keep up with the competition. Given the current economic situation, buy-here-pay-here is an extremely popular option for consumers. Auto dealerships are finding that to keep up their business, this is an option they need to offer. However, financing a car opens a whole new set of problems that the bank used handle. What do you do when a customer stops making car payments and a vehicle disappears? The dealer is out of a lot of money with a small likelihood of getting it back. This isRead More

GPS Prevents Car Dealership Inside Theft

Recently, a large car theft ring involving car dealers, brokers, exporters, and garage personnel was disbanded by New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut police. Those involved were taking orders from customers in Senegal, stealing cars from car dealership parking lots, and storing the vehicles inside of shipping containers until the cargo could be sent overseas. While shocking, this is not the first story of its kind, though it could be the last for dealership owners who invest in GPS tracking technology. How Inside Theft Works Thieving cars from dealerships is really quite simple. In this case, all it took wasRead More

How GPS Helps Make Your Neighborhood Safe

Article Written By Greg Bartlett Law enforcement departments  across the country must constantly balance the demands of protecting citizens against the costs of department operations. In a perfect world, performance of duty would never suffer due to lack of funds. Unfortunately, the reality is that the costs of purchasing equipment and meeting payroll demands weigh heavily on law enforcement administrators, which forces them to make various budget cuts.  That’s why many law enforcement departments across the world  have turned to GPS tracking as a way to cut costs. GPS tracking devices act as an extra set of eyes for labor-strappedRead More

Prevent Vehicle Theft with GPS Tracking

Motor vehicle theft happens every day and not only is it a nuisance, messing up your daily schedule and causing much hassle, but it also could run into a bit of money and time, depending upon how well the car is insured and how high the deductible. There is a solution to this common problem and it comes in the form of a GPS tracking device. They come in a variety of sizes such as handheld or small and magnetic to be unobtrusively attached to an object or placed in a suitcase. A GPS tracking device uses the Global PositioningRead More

GPS and Electronic IDs Spark Schoolbus Concerns

Many school districts across the nation are playing a grown up game of “I Spy” using GPS tracking technology and electronic Identification tags. In addition to the numerous GPS tracking devices that have been installed in many school buses throughout the nation, some districts now require students to carry electronic identification cards. Student ID cards work the same way that employee identification cards do, which means that a school district can keep a close eye on all children throughout the day. As soon as a student (including Kindergarten students) enters a school bus, these students are required to swipe anRead More

Less Parental Stress with GPS

It’s getting to be that time of year again, and as the beginning of another semester looms closer, parental anxiety seems to be rising. What does this semester have in store for our young people? Let’s face it, parents: when it comes to our children, no measure is too extreme to keep them safe. And while we certainly want our kids home as much as possible, the trek between campus and home can present dangers they will not face on the campus grounds. Thankfully, you can rest easy following the employment of GPS vehicle tracker. All across the US, crimeRead More

Outsource your GPS Tracking Program

A new growth market for GPS Tracking businesses lies in the area of offering GPS Tracking anti-theft services to companies who would rather pay to have the services performed rather than doing it themselves. And, if it makes financial sense, it is a win-win for both companies. Here are the principles that you need to know about and understand when looking for a company with which to do business in this manner. How Long in Business? While this might not be the best indicator, duration in business is still important. Start-up companies are looked upon as ‘fly-by-night’ operations that areRead More

Theft of Costly Construction Equipment Can Cripple Your Company

Ask that question to a construction company and you will get a surprising answer. With experts in the industry estimating about $1 billion in losses every year, the amount of money construction companies lose because of theft is astounding. And it seems that no matter how hard these companies try to protect their equipment, bulldozers and backhoes still disappear on a regular basis. Tired of absorbing their losses, construction companies are turning to a new source for their hope of theft protection: anti-theft devices that use GPS tracking. Traditionally, data devices in construction vehicles have been known as “black boxes.”Read More