HereO GPS Tracking Watch Puts Child Safety First

Mother And Daughter-child

Every parent knows the panic of turning around in a store and discovering that his child has wandered off. Most of the time, he’s just hiding in rack of clothing or has turned a corner to look at a toy. But what about those times when the child has truly gotten lost? Or even worse, what if your child doesn’t come home from school when he should or wanders away from the house when he should be playing in the yard? There’s a new watch on the market designed for just those moments—and more. It’s called the HereO GPS trackingRead More

GPS Watch: Options for Outdoor Adventures

With warmer weather covering most of the USA these days, and the promise of cooler days ahead for some of the hottest spots, outdoor adventures and adventurers rapidly increase. While many families, couples, and individuals have traditional destinations and activities on the docket, something fresh, exciting, and adventurous can add delight to any outing. Especially when the new element involves GPS technology.  Family Fun Stereotypically, teenagers and even kids (especially in today’s culture) can react negatively to the idea of leaving TV, laptop, cell phone, and online social circles behind for the delights and diversions nature offers. While not all withinRead More

TomTom Introduces New GPS Watch

Advances in technology have exploded to impact our lives in many ways. The GPS watch is one technological product which has been refined and updated to assist in giving athletes a most sophisticated mechanism for training, motivating, and enhancing their performance. The most notable of all the GPS watches on the market is the Tom-Tom brand, sporting numerous easier-to-use features than ever – features ranging from comfortable wearing ease to larger and higher resolution and contrast displays which outperform other watches in the marketplace. The ultra-slim watch design of the Runner and Multi-Sport models fits all men and women comfortably,Read More

Sports Watch Meets GPS Tracking Device

If you’re a gadget person, or even if you’re not, you’ll have to admit this latest addition to the GPS tracking device market is pretty cool. The Switch series watches for athletes, the newest crossover navigational tool is being premiered in Europe. This handy piece of technology not only tells you where you are and how to get to where you want to go, but also helps you meet your fitness performance goals.   Fitness Watch/Training Tool This combination watch and GPS tracking device is tailored especially for those who participate in outdoor sports such as running, swimming, biking andRead More

A Contender for the Best GPS Watch

With the array of choices available, athletes may have trouble choosing the best GPS watch for their needs. A recent determination by testers at a watch company may help to make things more clear.   Recently, evaluators from Heart Rate Watch Company reviewed the Garmin Forerunner 10 and declared it to be the best GPS pacing watch for 2013. Despite the wide array of GPS watches available for athletes, some features of this particular device make it their current top choice.   Variety of Applications The Garmin Forerunner 10 has the ability to track motion both in miles per hourRead More

SkyCaddie Releases 2013 Sport Series Rangefinder Line

Spring is upon us, and that means a return to the links. If you’re looking to improve your golf game this season, check out SkyCaddie’s new line of rangefinders.   The Sport Series lineup: the SkyCaddie Aire, Gimme, Voice, and Watch. This means you’re sure to find the golfing GPS device that suits your needs whether you’re a beginning or professional golfer, who’ll love the wireless SkyCaddie SGXw.   The Sport Series comes ready to use right out of the box, pre-loaded with SkyCaddie’s complimentary ‘Par’ Membership. This gives users ‘Front, Middle, and Back’ distance data for 30,000 golf coursesRead More

India to Offer Anti-Rape GPS Wristwatches to Women

During a time of political and social reform, India intends to use GPS technology in an attempt to curb the kind of violence that was illustrated in the account of a 23-year-old Indian medical student who died after being gang raped on a bus in December 2012. In the works is a wristwatch that would allow women to contact authorities via GPS tracking should they ever be attacked.   Currently, India’s Centre for Development of Advanced Computing is designing the device. Upon approval, the Indian government would possibly contract ITI, the company selected to carry out the project, to implementRead More

GPS Sports Watch With Added Features Enhances Athletes’ Workouts

What do engineers previously employed at Nokia who are also workout warriors do with their time? Design one of most advanced GPS tracking sports watches to date, apparently. Featuring a detailed screen two inches wide and composed of Gorilla Glass, the Leikr displays its maps in color. Besides the given workout regimens and statistics options, the Leikr GPS sports watch also provides users with connection to the Endomondo web athletic community, Wi-Fi, a proprietary designed of-the-moment GPS tracking system, and an exceptionally long battery life (for the hard-core, long distance athlete).   Sports Watches’ Enhanced Quality Make Training Easier thanRead More

New Development in the GPS Watch Market

A GPS watch is an important part of any serious runner’s equipment. With the ability to record pace and distance, it can provide valuable information to help an athlete in his workouts. There is a wide range of GPS-equipped watches on the market, and they all have slightly different features and offer somewhat distinctive functions. However, despite the crowded field, a new device may soon be released that will be unique enough to stand out from its competitors.   The Leikr & Its Uniqueness The Leikr (which means “game, sport, play” in the old Nordic language) is being developed byRead More

Indian Government Developing Emergency GPS Devices For Citizens

The precision provided by GPS technology has been implemented in all sorts of industries. Emergency response teams have been able to use tracking devices to pin point the exact location of the person or persons in need of assistance. Where ever there is a risk of becoming stranded or lost, such as when hiking or for family members with dementia, autism, or alzheimer’s, GPS devices can provide some peace of mind. The Indian government has taken note of the technology’s usefulness and is developing tracking devices for citizens.   India’s ministry of Communications and Information and Technology has developed aRead More