Shrinking GPS Technology Allows for Broader Applications


When it comes to Global Positioning System technology, if you can imagine a use for it then someone is probably already developing it as a product. Advancements continue to impress and progress, giving mankind amazing new capabilities. While most of us are well aware of GPS guided navigation systems, organizations and companies around the world are using GPS technology for tracking, crime prevention, emergency search and rescue, and environmental management, along with numerous other applications. Thanks to the U.S. military’s ongoing pursuit of technology, many highly sophisticated devices have become familiar to civilians. And we all benefit as they progressRead More

Tappan Zee Construction Uses GPS Technology for Added Safety

Tappan Zee Bridge

A few miles north of Manhattan and its famous bridges (the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, George Washington Bridge, etc.) is another historic and important New York State bridge: the Tappan Zee Bridge. Crossing the Hudson River at a spot called Tappan Zee (one of the river’s widest points), it connects Tarrytown to South Nyack. The original bridge—the longest bridge in New York State—opened in 1955. In the nearly sixty years since then, the population of the area and therefore its traffic congestion have dramatically increased. The bridge’s aging infrastructure, coupled with the fact that it carries far more trafficRead More

GPS-Guided Transportation for the Elderly

elderly couple

We live in an aging society. As the Greatest Generation passes on, the Baby Boomers are swelling the ranks of the elderly. In fact, the National Center on Senior Transportation anticipates that by 2020, one out of every six people will be over the age of 65. And medical advancements have paved the way for these seniors to live even longer lives than generations past; however, with age comes failing health and disabilities with increased need of care. Organizations, family members, and individuals themselves are realizing the value technology has in not only improving their lives but also in makingRead More

Tracking the Real Assets: Fire Fighters

GPS and firefighters

Fighting fires is a time-honored, dangerous, and thoroughly fulfilling job for all the brave men and women who don the mask to put out fires made both by man and nature. When the firefighters are dealing with forest fires that cover literally acres of real estate, the danger levels escalate as roads become isolated and cut off from escape routes. In earlier times, firefighters who went out in such conditions ran the risk of running into an inescapable situation very quickly. As a wildfire spreads, any sudden change in wind direction or fuel source can create any number of alternativeRead More

Innovations in GPS Cycling Computers


Most cyclists know that bike computers have been around for a long time and may even remember some of the features of earlier models. Simple at best, early bike computers tracked just a few details for riders, like time, distance, and speed. As time passed, manufacturers began creating more technologically advanced cycling computers that offered more features for avid cyclists. Innovations in technology were mirrored in the bike computer’s evolution. Even so, users often found them difficult to navigate. These computers continued to offer few options to the serious cyclist and frequently had screens that were hard to see inRead More

Trail Tracker GPS Revamped In Version 3.0

While Trail Tracker GPS is on version 3.1, it’s biggest update yet occurred when TapTools, its developer, released version 3.0 in July. Besides giving you the standard statistics of other outdoor apps, it shows the path you traveled no matter what you’re doing: running; hiking; biking; or even driving a car. What was new in 3.0? New data formats were introduced, something that TapTools is extremely excited about. According to a press release from the company: “We’ve received an unbelievable quantity of requests for all sorts of different data formats, so we took your feedback and started from the groundRead More

Delays for Air Traffic GPS Plan

The Federal Aviation Administration has a revolutionary plan in the works, one which promises to reduce airline delays by over 40 percent. Even better, it would increase safety in the skies, conserve fuel, and lower emissions by aircraft. At the center of the plan is—you guessed it—GPS! A Long Time Coming If you are a GPS enthusiast, you already know how many benefits the system holds for the airline industry if it were to be fully embraced. The FAA’s GPS program intends to do just that, replacing the outdated, sluggish, and relatively inaccurate radar. While the average airline passenger mayRead More

DIY Map Provides Hands On Navigation

GPS tracking information can now be personalized for special use with DIY Map. People who like to annotate or create their own maps will find this app particularly useful. While the app does require some hands-on use, it can be very helpful for those who need to input information that may not be on standard maps. After learning the ropes, you’ll be sure to enjoy releasing your GPS-powered creativity!   Get creative Making your own navigation tool, though maybe not simple, is certainly viable. DIY Map lets you scan in a map you’ve already created or make a new mapRead More

A Day in the Life of a Global Positioning Systems Engineer


A pioneer in the early days of GPS technology development passed away in February 2013. Peter Marshall Fitzgerald was an electrical engineer who received his PhD at Stanford University and was instrumental in the design and growth of global positioning system implementation and equipment. He worked with Ford Motor Co. on aerodynamics and GPS projects. His expertise developed with Ford enabled him to co-found and act as president of Stanford Telecommunications Inc.   Growth Within Stanford Telecommunications Inc. Fitzgerald’s association with Stanford Telecommunications Inc. has produced many global positioning systems designs for the United States government, its primary target market.Read More

The Beginning of the GPS System


Do you depend on your GPS device daily? Some of us couldn’t live without it. When it was first invented, however, people thought it was a bit futuristic of a concept. Even the Air Force had doubts about going ahead with the project in the beginning. Here’s a little history behind the Global Positioning System: who invented it, why it was created, and how we use it today.   Where It Began GPS was created by US Air Force Colonel Bradford Parkinson when he was approached by the Air Force to help come up with fresh ideas to breathe lifeRead More