Tracking Cargo on Airplanes with GPS

United States’ GTX Corp, a two-way GPS solutions provider, announced that its GPS tracking device was approved for use on AirNet and Cargolux airlines.   The GPS device, which is customized for use on an airplane, will be offered as an add-on service for customers of MNX only. MNX is a leading global provider of “expedited transportation and logistics services.” The use of these GPS tracking devices will give MNX’s customers the ultimate control and visibility for the most precious of cargo, whether it’s a shipment with a high value or a time-sensitive shipment.   “We have been working diligentlyRead More

GTX Corp and GPS Care Limited to Join Forces

GTX Corp, offering patented customizable 2-way GPS solutions, and Hong Kong-based GPS Care Limited signed a letter of intent stating their desire to work together in a joint venture, intending to set up commercial operations to distribute, sell, and support the GTX Corp lines of GPS-enabled software, GPS devices, monitoring services, and connectivity.   The deal states that GPS Care Limited will provide $2 million cash, as well as local infrastructure and human resources. GTX will bring its own contributions to the table in the form of GPS technology, licensing of intellectual property, knowledge, contracts, human capital, and sales leads,Read More

GPS Shoe Recognized In Exhibit


GPS tracking technology will join the telephone and the Internet in being recognized as one of the world’s most important inventions. Specifically, the GPS shoe designed by GTX Corp will be featured in an exhibit at Sweden’s National Museum of Science and Technology in Stockholm. The exhibit attempts to identify the 100 most important inventions of mankind and encompasses technological advances as well as medical developments such as vaccinations and antibiotics. The GPS shoe is one of the greatest examples of GPS (originally a military tool) being adapted for civilian use. GTX Corp partnered with Aetrex Worldwide, a prominent footwearRead More