Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

What would you do if someone you love suddenly wandered away from home? While this might not seem like a possibility for some people, for other people it is a daily occurrence. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often wander far from their homes without a trace. New GPS tracking technology can change the way that Alzheimer’s patients live. These small devices are imbedded into simple bracelets (and other items) that track and trace every movement a person makes. This kind of technology is crucial and life saving. Some of these devices are also equipped with a sort of portable phoneRead More

GPS and Autism

By Harriette Halepis Whether or not tracking a child using a GPS tracker is a violation of human rights is debatable. But, what happens when the child being tracked is autistic and has a history of wandering away? Two cases of this type recently made headline news across the globe. One autistic eleven year old girl in Florida spent a number of nights in an alligator-infested swamp after wandering away from home. Another fifteen year old boy walked away from his home in Alberta, Canada, in the middle of the winter wearing nothing but a t-shirt and shorts. In bothRead More

American Red Cross Uses GPS Tracking

By Greg Bartlett Recently, the American Red Cross division that services the National Capital Region announced that its vehicles will all be equipped with GPS tracking devices in order to facilitate better emergency service management, communication, and resource distribution. The use of GPS tracking on American Red Cross vehicles will allow managers to deliver better response time for emergencies as well as ensure safety of personnel on the road. GPS tracking will allow American Red Cross dispatchers to view the location of each vehicle in real time. They can monitor vehicles individually or all on one screen in order toRead More

Tracking a Golden Eagle with GPS

By Greg Bartlett Wildlife researchers in Wabasha, Minnesota have managed to carefully tag and track a golden eagle on his route over Lake Superior and the Hudson Bay. Affectionately dubbed Whitey for his lighter colored back, the eagle’s movements have yielded new insight into the behavior of this reclusive species. The GPS tracker was installed last year after Whitey got caught in a mislaid hunter’s trap. He was taken to the veterinarians at the National Eagle Center, who operated on his broken leg and nursed him back to health. After Whitey was fully recovered and could fly again, researchers placedRead More

Tracking Storms with GPS

By Greg Bartlett Often what surprises people most about the versatility of GPS trackers is their ability to monitor something of nearly any size. Your dog can wear a special collar; your packages can include a small locator; and your car can be fitted with an integrated tracking device. But when we look at something several hundred miles wide, like say, a hurricane or typhoon, how in the world can GPS trackers even begin to help? In August of 2005, a lone Air Force P-3 flew directly into the path of Hurricane Katrina to deliver some very particular cargo. 36Read More

GPS Helps THose Who Live in Fear

By Greg Bartlett Domestic violence victims often live in very understandable fear. Even if their abuser is not currently injuring them, the next day could be different. Or, if the abuser is arrested or the victim files an order of protection, sometimes the abuser will just become more violent and come back to kill the victim. Unfortunately, that has happened many times, leaving domestic violence victims justifiably afraid for their safety. An order of protection just won’t be able to protect victims from the abuser, and so they constantly wonder if their nightmare will suddenly show up at work orRead More

Face to Face With Wild Animals

By Harriette Halepis As the warm weather approaches, more and more people will be heading outside to get some exercise. While fresh air is great for your body, it also means sharing your space with some wild animals. From small creatures that roam urban neighbourhoods (raccoons, skunks, etc) to large animals that might cross your running or hiking path, it’s a good idea to know what to do when you meet a wild animal. Wild animals don’t want to cause a problem. They don’t want to meet you any more than you want to meet them. Thus, most animals willRead More

GPS Tracking Saves a Hiker – My Story

By Jonathan Tipton One of my favorite things to do in the early spring is go up to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park in the North-western section of Ontario. Sleeping Giant has many trails and is an amazing source for seeing wildlife up close. My story is about nature getting too close and how my GPS tracking device allowed me to survive. I have been going to “the Giant” for some years now, and I like to go off-trail to see what I can discover. Two summers ago, what I found was a bear cub unattended. I stupidly thought this wouldRead More

Rain or Shine – GPS Tracking Works Anytime

By Harriette Halepis For some reason, most of us never think of the future in stormy terms. When we picture what we might do today or tomorrow, we always tend to think of these events as being held in perfect weather. Even for those that think about potential accidents, the thought of snow, rain, ice, or other weather never seems to cross our minds. However, the truth is that most accidents and incidents happen when the skies are less than picture perfect blue. Whether a car accident or a pedestrian accident, most collisions of any kind occur amidst lousy weather.Read More

Keeping Tabs on Your Child with GPS Phone Tracking

By Harriette Halepis Many of them wind up on city streets alone, embarrassed, and out of money. This often leads to drug abuse, abuse, and sometimes even death. This sad scenario can be prevented with the help of a cell phone GPS locator. For simple peace of mind, consider adding a tracker to your child’s clothing or backpack – when it comes to missing children, there’s nothing more important than real-time movement tracking.