Trail Tracker GPS Revamped In Version 3.0

While Trail Tracker GPS is on version 3.1, it’s biggest update yet occurred when TapTools, its developer, released version 3.0 in July. Besides giving you the standard statistics of other outdoor apps, it shows the path you traveled no matter what you’re doing: running; hiking; biking; or even driving a car. What was new in 3.0? New data formats were introduced, something that TapTools is extremely excited about. According to a press release from the company: “We’ve received an unbelievable quantity of requests for all sorts of different data formats, so we took your feedback and started from the groundRead More

GPS Aids in Mountain Rescue

Mountain Biker

A flashlight, pocket knife, extra food, and bandages have long been staples of every serious hiker’s emergency kit. But if you plan on doing some serious hiking, there’s something you might not have thought of to add: a smartphone. Often used to play cheap games and take self portraits in the bathroom mirror, these GPS equipped phones are now helping hikers, guides, and even search and rescue teams. While most survival equipment is designed to help lost hikers hold out til help comes or relies on rescuers looking in the right place at the right time for a signal, smartphonesRead More

Lost Hiker Posts GPS Coordinates On Facebook

“Anyone in the Portland area with crampons, an ice axe, a car, and Tuesday night and Wednesday off of work wanna go on an adventure?” Jeffrey Kish posted the previous message on his Facebook before heading out on a hiking trip on Mount Hood. The 30-year-old Portland resident became lost in bad weather and used social media to alert his friends. He was rescued from the mountain at around 2 a.m., mostly unscathed.   Shortly after beginning his decent down the mountain, Kish stumbled upon some bad weather. He became lost in whiteout conditions. He told reporters at thatRead More

Planning the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure?

GPS and hiking

Not ten years ago, the essential computing device in the average American home was an Internet-enabled personal computer. Most of the time, it sat on a desk in the den. Other times, laptops added a level of convenience and portability that users enjoyed. Neato gadgets like the Palm III handheld computer were fun and kind of functional–at the time, they were even seen as game changers–but were still quirky devices, often relegated to executives, gadget freaks, and yuppies who just needed one more device to play Tetris on.   Then the iPhone ushered in the smart phone era. The firstRead More

Unnecessary Rescues Due to Technology?

Use of smartphones, GPS devices, emergency locator devices, and other technological devices like it have led to a rise in backcountry rescues where the caller doesn’t truly need assistance, putting the lives of rescuers in jeopardy.   Search-and-rescue teams say that the rise of the use of these types of devices have folks sending out false alerts, as well as people who take a route they probably aren’t experienced enough to take, feeling that the device they are carrying protects them from any harm. There is a rise in people carrying PLBs, or personal locator beacons, out into the woodsRead More

Explore America with GPS and TOPO!

Hike Detail in Mountains

The fear of any outdoorsman is getting lost in the woods; however, in a world of global positioning systems and tracking devices, much of that fear is relieved. Now, Magellan and National Geographic have teamed up to provide outdoorsmen the ultimate in GPS navigational tools. The handheld GPS device series known as eXplorist can now download TOPO!, National Geographic’s full-color and exquisitely detailed topographical maps of the continental United States.   About Magellan Magellan, based in Santa Clara, California, has long been known for its Roadmate series of GPS systems for cars, boats, trucks, and RVs, not to mention itsRead More

ViewRanger App Provides GPS Tracking for the Ultimate Outdoor Adventure


Since the dawn of consumer GPS technology, users have been fascinated with the idea of using GPS tracking for outdoor adventures, whether they include hiking, camping, hunting or more. The growing ubiquity of smart phones in United States consumers’ hands has made the possibility for easy GPS tracking to aid in outdoor adventures. Now, Android and iOS users can take their phone’s GPS to the next level with a new app called ViewRanger GPS. Designed and released by Augmentra Ltd., ViewRanger GPS transforms the user’s smart phone or tablet device into a GPS navigator specifically for use in the outdoors.Read More

GPS Saves Lives in Hawaii and Beyond

The power of GPS satellites to save lives and help those in need seems to be growing every day. In the Koolau mountains in O’ahu, Hawaii, two hikers were recently rescued after getting lost on a hike. The father and soon hiking team got lost on a trail. The son’s wife called firefighters, who then checked a GPS on their cell phone. Though the battery was low and the phone eventually died, firefighters used that fleeting moment of cell phone power and read their location on the GPS. Once that was done, they’d determined that the hikers were going inRead More

Woman Gets Lost in Woods: Found Thanks to GPS Technology

A Detroit woman went for a walk with her dogs this past weekend. Enjoying nature to the fullest, the woman lost track of time..and lost her way. Panicked, she phoned 911 from her cell phone to report that she was lost. Within minutes, rescuers were able to pinpoint the woman’s location using cell phone GPS technology. Even though rescuers were able to discern where the woman was located, they could not find her right away. The area that the woman had wandered into was heavily wooded and full of swampland. Instead of trying to find her on foot, rescuers useRead More

Geocaching: The Great Global Scavenger Hunt

Geocaching is a world-wide scavenger hunting game, which utilizes GPS technology as a key component. In order to participate in this popular pastime, one needs to obtain a GPS device and then register at Once registered, users can plug in a zip code to get instant access to the hidden treasures in their area. According to long-time geocacher and local resident, Dave Humphrey, geocaching is alive and well in Cranbook. There are more than 100 hidden treasures in Cranbrook, many of which Humphrey has hidden himself. The treasures are not your typical gold and silver. In fact, most itemsRead More