GPS Capabilities of iPad Exceed Expectations

In an astounding display of GPS tracking capabilities, police uncovered $25,000 worth of stolen merchandise. The story began when a woman reported her stolen property, which happened to include an iPad, to the police. By activating the GPS tracking capabilities on the woman’s stolen iPad, the police were able to trace it to the home of George Gary in Austin, Texas. After the police set up surveillance, they observed a man arriving at the house; he left holding an iPad. When Richard Harrington (Mr. Gary’s recently departed guest) ran a stop sign, the police had a reason to stop him.Read More

Free Field Trip App Helps You Find The Fun

Google recently released a new free app for iOS and Android smartphone users. It’s the perfect app for summer fun and exploration. The app is called “Field Trip” and provides users with fun and interesting things to do nearby. It uses GPS technology built-in to the smartphones to access information about what attractions are close by.   After the app is downloaded, it connects to the built-in GPS location data to determine the user’s current location. Activities and attractions range from restaurants, shops, movies and architecture, to local history and obscure events. Users can choose which type of attractions are mostRead More

Skobbler GPS Navigation & Maps App Now On Android

The key feature of Skobbler’s GPS app is the offline mapping and navigation capabilities. There is no shortage of smartphone navigation apps on the market for iOS, Android, Windows or any other system. However, up until recently, if you wanted solid offline mapping and navigation, your best hope was with an iOS device. For Android and other non-Apple smartphone and tablet users, this was a bit of a drag. Now, Android users can purchase Skobbler for their smartphones for just $1. Skobbler’s designers have no shortage of confidence in their product. They’ve been quoted calling their work the “most powerfulRead More

Using GPS Tracking to Find Your Pet

A small GPS tracking device may help eliminate one of a pet owner’s greatest fears – that of losing their animal. Rather than driving through a neighborhood calling a dog’s name, this device enables owners to go directly to the animal’s location. The Device The SpotLite 2.0 device is fairly small and unassuming. It is less than three inches long and less than two inches wide. The outside of the device is plastic and waterproof. It has a SIM card slot as well as a micro-USB port. The USB port is for charging the device’s internal battery. The unit isRead More

RunKeeper for Android Gets Facelift

Do you use the RunKeeper app, whether iOS or Android? The Boston, MA based GPS tracking app company boasts over 17 million users in over 200 countries worldwide, all thanks to the fact they are now offering the Android version of the app in six additional languages – Spanish, French, Italian, German, Japanese, and Brazilian Portuguese.   Their Android 3.2 update brings more than just additional languages to the digital table. The company wanted to freshen up the GPS tracking app “with Android design guidelines and best practices in mind,” according to a company spokesperson.   To that end, theRead More

GPS for Wi-Fi iOS Devices

GPS for Wi-Fi iOS devices is a feature that has been sought by many consumers. After purchasing an iPod Touch or a Wi-Fi only iPad, users are often disappointed to learn that they cannot use their new devices for navigation. Their Apple or Google Maps apps work only while they are connected to a Wi-Fi network, thus rendering them virtually useless when driving down the road. A recent development by Bad Elf and CoPilot Live may provide the answer consumers have been seeking.   The Receiver Upon purchasing this system, the customer receives what appears to be a typical dataRead More

GPS Apps for Smartphones

With recent advances, many people are choosing GPS apps for smartphones. There are a number of applications on the market and their features vary as widely as their price tags. Most of the latest developments have been for the iPhone iOS. The latest system release for this device included a new app called Apple Maps. Unfortunately, this program did not perform up to expectations, even drawing an apology from Apple due to its poor functioning. Following this failure, a number of other apps were made available.   The Free Apps The most attractive option to consumers is the free apps.Read More

A GPS Tracking Thermostat


GPS tracking devices have become an important of many people’s lives, but a recent development may bring this technology into an entirely new area. What if the thermostat in your house knew your location and adjusted your house’s temperature accordingly? Eversense, a new product by Allure Energy, promises to do exactly that.   How does it work? Although it sounds complicated, the idea is actually fairly simple. Using an Android or iOS app, each family member’s smartphone communicates their GPS location to the thermostat in the house. When the last person leaves the house, the temperature is adjusted accordingly. ThenRead More

Track Your Cat, Dog, or Even Horse With Tractive

GPS Dog Walking

Move over, Tagg. There’s a new GPS tracker on the block for pet owners looking for an easy way to know where they are at all times. Tractive, an Austrian company, unveiled its GPS tracking device at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which gives pet owners peace of mind with real-time tracking and location information.   Yes, Tagg has been around for a while. However, it is very limited in its application. The Tagg GPS tracking device is quite large, and this means it is only suitable for medium to large sized dogs. The location tracking itself is farRead More

German GPS App Skobbler Updates

Skobbler, the top European GPS location app based in Germany, announced the launch of its latest version of the iPhone GPS navigation app, GPS Navigation 2.   Version 4.3 is revamped to support iOS 6 for the iPhone 5. There were also updates to the app’s OpenStreetMap data which allow users to get to where they need to go whether they are online or offline, as well as adding Bluetooth connectivity to transmit audio wirelessly.   “We’re extremely proud of the success that GPS Navigation 2 has experienced, and feel it’s a fair reward for our continued efforts to regularlyRead More