GPS Tracking Devices Installed for Police Monitoring

Last March a debate was escalating concerning whether to install specially selected GPS tracking devices into three police vehicles owned by Macungie, Pennsylvania. Actually, the question wasn’t “if” (two out of three are already implanted); it was “why.” The borough mayor brought the issue before the city council—not so much as a request but as a statement; he proposed the devices be paid with private contributions and any shortage of funds paid out of his own pocket (his funding plan for the first of three years). Against the advice of the police chief, most of the equipment has been installed.Read More

Small Town GPS Controversy

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The small Pennsyvlania borough of Macungie experienced a Borough Council shouting match over a controversy involving GPS devices. Macungie’s Mayor recently introduced the idea of installing GPS tracking devices on the Borough’s police cars. The primary motivator, apparently, was complaints in the neighborhood that police cars were speeding through, putting residents, especially children, at risk. The GPS devices would function to keep police from driving at inappropriate speeds in the small neighborhood.   GPS Devices to Police the Police The tracking technique is classic fleet management, one of the primary applications for GPS in business and government use. By trackingRead More

Macungie Mayor Considers Monitoring Police With GPS

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We’ve reported police use of GPS tracking devices to keep tabs on criminals here at RMT in the past, but GPS used to keep tabs on the cops? This is exactly what Mayor Rick Hoffman of Macungie, PA wants to do. He introduced the idea at a recent council meeting, explaining that the devices would be placed in officers’ cars as a way to monitor where the officer is at all times, and keep track of their speed while on patrol. Hoffman raised money to cover expenses for the first year of the potential program, and requested funds from theRead More