GPS Tracking to Monitor and Economize Animal Shelters

More and more animal shelters across the United States are turning to GPS to cut costs and monitor their animal control officers’ efficiency and behavior while on the job. Or at least they should. Take the case (an extreme one) of Demetria Hogan in Memphis, Tennessee. She was out on a call to pick up two pit bulls and bring them back to the Memphis Animal Shelter. Demetria was supposed to have followed proper procedure for such cases, which includes recording the capture of the dogs from the site into her logbook and into the animal shelter upon arrival. JustRead More

Legislative Confusion Keeps Maryland GPS Tracking in Limbo


Washington County, Maryland has about a third of the crime rate, statistically, of its sister city, Baltimore. The small county in Maryland seems a little bit slow to get started on the emerging trend of utilizing GPS tracking for parole violators in the area. A Pilot Program That’s Not Ready for Primetime In 2010, the Maryland General Assembly got the ball rolling on a GPS tracking program. It appears to have been designed specifically for individuals that violate protective (presumably restraining) orders. The program comes to an end on Sep. 30 of this year. A bill is on the tableRead More

A First: Maryland District Court Denies Authorities Right to Track Citizen

A Supreme Court decision regarding the legality of GPS tracking cannot come soon enough. Yet another controversial decision was made by a district judge in Maryland, when federal authorities were denied a warrant to locate a suspect using his cell phone’s GPS data. Because there have been no laws passed dictating proper use of GPS technology, the decisions have been left to individual courts. It’s not surprising that contradictory rulings have been made across the United States. Fortunately, the Supreme Court will rule on the legality of GPS tracking in their next term. The latest case brought to Maryland’s districtRead More

Get Ready to Geocache in Maryland

Looking for something fun to do this summer for the whole family in the Maryland area?  State Park officials there have decided to make exploring the forests a little more fun for families with The Big Tree Geocache. Geocaching involves entering coordinates into a GPS device, kind of like a large scale outdoor scavenger hunt.  It has become a popular activity, and forestry officials in Maryland have realized its potential in getting people outside, and making exploring the forests an interactive experience. The coordinates lead you to the biggest trees in the forest, and at the end of it allRead More

Bill Requires Maryland Sex Offenders To Wear GPS Tracking Devices

The Maryland State House is considering a bill that would require all tier III sex offenders to wear a GPS tracking device when they are released from prison or as a condition of probation. The bill is scheduled for a hearing March 1, 2011. While the sex offenders reside in Maryland, the bill would allow global positioning satellite technology to monitor their movements throughout the state. The bill would only apply to tier III sex offenders. These convictions include a variety of sex crimes including incest, first-degree rape, attempted second-degree sex offense, third-degree sex offense, sexual abuse of a minorRead More