Osprey Make Comeback In Michigan, Tracked With GPS Devices

In the 1950s and 60s, the majestic osprey bird was nearly nonexistent in southeast Michigan. Mostly due to chemical pesticides and DDT, these birds of prey were almost killed off entirely. However, in 1998, Michigan’s Department of Natural Resources, along with the Osprey Watch of Southeast Michigan, started a program to reintroduce and protect these birds in the area. “We brought young birds from other parts of the state here, and fed them and raised them, and released them out in the parks,” Holly Vaughn said, a DNR wildlife outreach technician. Now that the population is thriving a little bit,Read More

GPS Unit Takes Center Stage in Michigan Murder Trial


A man charged with two murders will likely head to prison on the basis of a highly reliable witness’s testimony. But the witness isn’t a person; it’s a GPS unit that was mounted on his vehicle. According to the prosecution’s argument, the tracker clearly shows that the defendant was present at the location of the murders at the time that they occurred. The most that GPS readings can prove is the location of the murder suspect’s car during the time it was tracked. As the prosecuting attorney displayed in court, the Garmin GPS unit mounted on the suspect’s car reportedRead More

A GPS Crime Ring in Michigan

crime scene-police-investigations

Crime rings have always existed, but in this age of technology, the rings have expanded to include cell phones, laptops, and, yes, GPS units. In Troy, Michigan, police pursued a year-long investigation after a number of in-dash GPS systems had been reported as stolen; they suspected a larger operation. In late 2011, Willie Pittman, already on probation for receiving and concealing stolen goods, was arrested in connection with a large crime ring of stolen car parts. The ring extended to multiple cities in Michigan, including Detroit, Southland, Grosse Pointe Park, and Harper Woods. In the fall of 2010, four peopleRead More

County Employees Caught Not Working During Work Hours

The Family Court of Muskegon County, Michigan, owns several vehicles which are used by county employees for official court business, such as checking up on juveniles who have passed through the court system. Some of these county employees, however, were suspected of using the vehicles for personal purposes while on the clock. County officials decided to quietly check up on those employees with some GPS technology. GPS trackers were installed, unannounced, in the trunks of the county vehicles. After collecting tracking data during the month of June, officials compared the GPS record with the time sheets turned in by theRead More

Michigan County Considering Plow Truck Tracking

Leelanau County Road Commission (Michigan) are considering whether or not to implement GPS fleet tracking on their plow trucks. The final decision has not been made yet, but Road Commission employees have already shared mixed opinions. “This is going to be a big purchase for us. I’m putting together a request for proposals because we’re going to need to seek bids on this,” said James C. Johnson, Road Commission engineer. Road Commission’s vice-chairman John Popa shared his thoughts. “We’re not some big company that has thousands of employees. We have managers that are already out on the road and visitingRead More