Happy GPS Trails for Kids


Exploring nature has fascinated children—and adults—for centuries. Despite the ever-increasing number of indoor options for physical fitness and exercise, outdoor activity continues to be an important element to the overall health and wellbeing of children. As childhood obesity continues to cause increasing alarm in American culture, concerned parents, grandparents, and teachers are searching for appropriate and exciting ways to engage their children in healthy activity. GPS tracking that is extending to community nature trails may end up being a welcome solution to this common problem of 21st century American suburban childhood.   Natural Motivation GPS tracking can open up aRead More

Track Your Tracks in 2013?

GPS tracking has expanded personal-use possibilities as updated apps hit the market and begin infiltrating daily life and business. As companies such as Google release more accurate and penetrating APIs crafted for and marketed to the business world, tech-savvy app users of all sorts will most likely snatch the opportunity to use the latest GPS technology for multiple personal purposes as well. While the price tag attached to some of the latest and most accurate GPS tracking apps could discourage some experimenters, there could be some important benefit to any serious trackers who decide to welcome the prospect of preciseRead More

GPS Tracking Collar Encourages Dog Owners to Start Walking


When was the last time you took your dog for a nice long walk in the park? Many pudgy pooches reflect the bad habits of their owners: too much time on the couch and too little time pounding the pavement. Exercise is essential for both people and their pets, and thanks to GPS tracking, you now have even better motivation to get up and move.   Becky Stern of Adafruit Learning System recently created a DIY GPS dog collar that not only shows you how far you’ve walked with Fido, but also how much progress you’ve made toward a pre-definedRead More

GPS Apps Help Runners Train


GPS apps might be able to solve a problem that runners have been grappling with for years: How can we accurately record our time, distance, and speed statistics while also concentrating on running? Aside from having an assistant keep track of progress, it’s very difficult for a runner to log this information while devoting his full attention to the run itself. Up until the era of smartphones and GPS apps, that is. A number of different companies are working to develop tools that will do all the timing, recording, and mapping that a runner could want, all with minimum attentionRead More

Runner Finds Motivation in Unusual Places


Running can be an arduous task, but with a little bit of motivation, runners can get the help they need to improve their performance and increase their mileage. A Nike+ GPS tracker user recently went for a run in her usual attire, but this time, her running clothes were accompanied by an extra piece of jewelry; her favorite pair of earrings. By the time she realized that she still had her earrings on, it was too late to go home to remove them, with no place to put them, she tucked them up under her running hat, and she continuedRead More