GPS Unit Takes Center Stage in Michigan Murder Trial


A man charged with two murders will likely head to prison on the basis of a highly reliable witness’s testimony. But the witness isn’t a person; it’s a GPS unit that was mounted on his vehicle. According to the prosecution’s argument, the tracker clearly shows that the defendant was present at the location of the murders at the time that they occurred. The most that GPS readings can prove is the location of the murder suspect’s car during the time it was tracked. As the prosecuting attorney displayed in court, the Garmin GPS unit mounted on the suspect’s car reportedRead More

Supreme Court Ruling Could Make or Break First-Degree Murder Trial

GPS Supreme Court

In wake of the recent Supreme Court ruling, calling warrantless GPS tracking unconstitutional, attorneys around the country are digging through their cases and filing appeals. Eric Vernon, Shon Pernice’s defense lawyer, is no exception. Pernice, an independent firefighter in Kansas City, MO, is charged with first-degree murder of his spouse, whose body has yet to be found. He is scheduled to stand trial later this month, and his attorney hopes that the recent Supreme Court ruling will work favorably in Pernice’s case. Renee Pernice, the suspect’s spouse, was reported missing in January of 2009. Investigators and Renee’s family believe herRead More