Nikon Releases Camera Powered by Android

Technology takes another step forward in the camera world with the release of the Nikon S800c, powered by Android and featuring Wi-Fi and built-in GPS location device. This is it, the first camera in the COOLPIX line to upload directly to Instagram just like your smartphone, a smart camera if you will. What this little camera is capable of might just make your smartphone jealous.   The camera is easy on the eyes, quite similar to other cameras in the COOLPIX line – sleek, thin, and stylish. The image quality is outstanding, as with other COOLPIX cameras, and comes withRead More

EasyTagger: An Affordable GPS Tracking Solution for Photographers


GPS tracking technology is being implemented in all kinds of exciting and interesting ways. The technology has been used to save human lives by aiding in military operations and emergency response teams. It’s used to help us understand our planet by tracking glacier changes and wildlife habits. It has also been used to help us navigate our travels a little easier. The applications seem endless, and photographers are some of the latests professionals and hobbyists to enjoy the benefits of GPS tracking, with attachments like EasyTag’s EasyTagger device. Good quality photography equipment is expensive. The savvy spender knows where toRead More