Parenting Today Needs All the Help it Can Get

Does anyone doubt the difficulty that parenting in today’s culture imposes?  There are the cell phones – no smartphones, video game consoles, the Internet and other hand-held, portable and all-consuming attention grabbers that vie for a place in kid’s lives. With these devices come dangers from exposing young and innocent lives to very bad people and situations under the disguise of connected acquaintances.  Is it any wonder then that parents need all of the help they can muster? Sources of Help Parents need to be as aware of technology as are their children.  This means that studying about the latestRead More

Student Driving Courses Starting Up

By James Neely As warmer weather rolls into the upper states in the U.S., driver training cars begin to take to the roads in greater numbers. This means young drivers will be on the roads very soon and with them comes the concerns about safety. This is especially true because of the many distractions to young minds when they are driving. The sad truth is that some teens are turned out onto the roads before they are fully ready for the responsibility. But even of higher concern is the lack of oversight in monitoring of compliance to rules and regulationsRead More

Locating People With GPS Tracking

By Greg Bartlett Today’s society is highly mobile. Many families have two or more vehicles either in the garage or driveway. The asset of having a vehicle available, combined with the interstate highway system allows a person to be hundreds of miles away from their home in a relatively short period of time. Once a person has left home, how can family members ensure that they know the location of that person with any degree of certainty? Locating people with GPS tracking ensures that the person’s location is always available. The reasons for wanting to know a person’s location varyRead More

Car Tracking Devices and Health

By Greg Bartlett Your loved one may suffer from dementia, tuberculosis, Alzheimer’s, or any one of a number of health issues. You aren’t just worried about your loved one’s health and physical well being, but about their location. If your loved one wanders off and gets lost, how will anyone be able to help if a need arises? More and more, doctors are recommending GPS car tracking devices for some of their patients. For instance, tuberculosis can be highly infectious, but rather than keep the patient locked up away from everyone else, a GPS device can be used to monitorRead More

It is Spring Break – Do You Know Where Your Teens Are Located?

By James Neely One of the most frightful times in a parent’s life is when they (against their better judgment) allow their college-aged sons or daughters to borrow the family car and take a road trip to a distant location for spring break. There is a general overall concern for their safety and well-being but also a worry about safety on the road. That is why a GPS Tracking system for your vehicle makes sense. You are able to bring up real-time data concerning the location and other details of how your car is being driven. Here are some otherRead More

Keeping Tabs on Your Child with GPS Phone Tracking

By Harriette Halepis Many of them wind up on city streets alone, embarrassed, and out of money. This often leads to drug abuse, abuse, and sometimes even death. This sad scenario can be prevented with the help of a cell phone GPS locator. For simple peace of mind, consider adding a tracker to your child’s clothing or backpack – when it comes to missing children, there’s nothing more important than real-time movement tracking.

Protection or Smothering: GPS Tracking and Your Children

By Greg Bartlett The recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of GPS tracking to protect assets like cars and electronics. As the market plateaus, however, companies offering these services have begun to market to parents concerned with child abduction. GPS tracking works through the device communicating with satellites. Three satellites are used to triangulate the approximate location of an item or in this case a child. The technology is very accurate and in the event of a missing child could allow emergency personnel to quickly find and return the child home. There are shortcomings, however. To beRead More

A New Twist on GPS Tracking Teen Drivers

By Greg Bartlett The benefits of having GPS vehicle tracking devices installed have been outlined many times. These vehicle tracking devices allow the owners of vehicles to locate their car, even if it is stolen, and call the authorities in time to make a safe recovery of the vehicle and usually arrest the thief. Businesses are using the technology to track their vehicle fleets and are finding many money saving benefits because of their implementation of the GPS tracking system. Parents are able to track the movements of their inexperienced teen drivers and maintain some sort of control over theRead More

GPS Tracking Systems Help Protect People with Mental Deficiencies

By Greg Bartlett Many people, who are somewhat less than mentally competent, live in our cities and have freedom to roam at will. Autism affects many children in this country who do not relate to the outside world in the same way that most people do. These individuals tend to live in their own world and only react to the real world on a very limited scale that involves doing things in the same way every day with little or no variation. If their routine is thrown off, these individuals can become completely lost within just a few blocks ofRead More