Keeping Track of Your Kids

Finding Loved Ones  “It’s 10 PM. Do you know where your children are?” The question posed by this old TV announcement can now be answered more easily than before, thanks to personal GPS tracking devices created for kids. The idea behind the trend comes from parents concerned about the whereabouts of their children. They want to see all their kids’ location and movements, even in real time. The fear of kidnapping by child predators has some parents scared and very vigilant. Parents may also want to track their teen to make sure they are being safe and staying in designatedRead More

Parents Use GPS Tracking On Their Children

In an age of technology and independence, some parents have turned to GPS tracking to monitor their children’s whereabouts and activities. Although the practice can be controversial, some say that it is the best option they have found. The Problem Technology and a changing culture have given young people more independence than they have ever had before. Nearly every teenager owns a smartphone and thus has access to a whole world of activities and possibilities. Concerned parents want to be sure that their children are safe and that they are not engaged in behaviors that could harm them. Some parentsRead More

Parents Consider GPS Tracking for Children

Child Services GPS

Terrifying stories of child kidnappings have prompted some parents to explore GPS tracking options for their own kids. Parents feel that knowing their children’s whereabouts is essential to safety, and that tracking devices could locate kids speedily if they wandered off or went missing.   Because the child abduction rate is rather high, there is a growing awareness of the need to keep track of children; if a child is not in the house, a parent cannot simply assume that he went down the street to play with a friend. Some parents would go to any necessary lengths to maintainRead More

GPS to Help End Parents’ Questioning, “Where’s the Bus?”

There is a new trend in school and city transit systems. GPS tracking is opening new doors in bus and driver monitoring, not only for transit system officials, but also for parents of schoolchildren.   The day is rainy, the winds are gusting, and the school bus is late in dropping the kids home; many a parent knows the feeling of anxiety that goes with this and similar scenarios. These same parents must often wonder within themselves, “Why is the bus taking so long today?”, or, “If only someone would think of a way to track the bus so weRead More

Protecting Teenagers through Vehicle GPS Tracking

It makes sense that parents would think using tracking apps on their phone or mobile device is adequate enough to monitor their teenagers’ every move. That’s what tracking apps (“Find My iPhone”) do—track the device and presumably the person along with it. But if teenagers are driving somewhere they know they shouldn’t be, they will also probably know how to turn off that tracking feature (or just the phone itself). More and more it’s recommended that parents consider installing a vehicle GPS tracking device instead.   A Problem with Accuracy Those cell phone tracking apps aren’t as accurate as weRead More

Parents: Use VivoPlay to Track Your Child

Child Services GPS

If you are a parent, the question of whether or not to equip your child with a cell phone has probably been raised a few times. My own children span from kindergarten to middle school and I’ve seen and heard it all, from other parents as well as my children. Personally I don’t believe in children carrying cell phones, mainly because I am always home and know where they are, as well as how they can be reached at all times, and vice versa. My fifth grader, however, disagrees. Some of her friends carry cell phones, and she’s always tryingRead More

Is It OK To Track Children WIth GPS?

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It’s a touchy question. Is it ethical to track our children with GPS tracking devices? Certainly, most people can understand using a tracking device on an autistic child, or a similar situation where the child is in particular danger of wandering. But what about tracking teens in order to verify there whereabouts? The waters get murkier and opinions vary widely.   The advice columnist, Amy Dickinson writes: “I am completely, totally and utterly opposed to installing tracking or monitoring technology on kids’ devices without their knowledge. … You cannot use technology to mitigate the work (or risks) of parenting.Read More

GPS Tracking Fosters Parent-Child Interaction

Nearly every parent and teenager have experienced the frustrations of communication. Parents want to make sure their child is safe, teenagers want the independence they feel their older years grant them. These different perspectives can sadly create confusion and discord in what should be a loving relationship. No young person needs his or her parents’ help more than when navigating the difficult waters of young adulthood. So how can parents and teens break down these barriers to friendship and create an open and loving relationship? The solutions lies in both parent and teens’ responses. Both sides generally make their mistakesRead More

Parents Everywhere Discover GPS Tracking

Every parent, no matter their culture or heritage, knows the questions associated with parenting. Will I raise my child right? Can I keep him safe? What if I fail and something happens to her? What should I do in an emergency? How can I know where my child is without annoying him? How do I best take care of of my family? Parental worries and concerns aren’t anything new; they’ve only changed shape with the changing culture. Our ancestors might have worried more whether their child would encounter wild animals or marauding bandits than child molesters or armed robbers; however,Read More

GPS Tracking Helps Parent – Child Relationships

In today’s increasingly dangerous world, all parents face a common struggle: trying to keep their children safe while still allowing them freedom. No parent wants to keep their children under lock and key until they reach adulthood; however, no parent wants to risk their child’s safety in the name of independence, either. So what’s the answer to this dilemma? How do parents, concerned for their children living in a dangerous world, balance this concern with their children’s need for independence? GPS tracking may provide the solution. GPS tracking devices interact with satellites orbiting the earth. These satellites allow tracking unitsRead More