Missouri: Authorities Locate Stolen Truck Thanks to GPS

A GPS device installed in your vehicle is a great idea in more ways than you’d think. Yes, it can help you get to where you need to go and show you gas stations and restaurants on your route, but there’s one important thing it can do that most people hope they never need to use it for: theft. A St. Josheph, Missouri man discovered for himself this added value of GPS technology. He reported his vehicle stolen to the authorities, but decided to take matters into his own hands. He contacted the Anderson Ford dealership he purchased the vehicleRead More

Ocala, FL: iPhone’s GPS Locates Both Stolen Phone And Suspect For Authorities

Yet again, built-in smartphone GPS saves a stolen device and leads cops right to the perpetrator. Police in Ocala, FL discovered the robber with the stolen iPhone and two other phones in his possession. Officer Christopher Scaglione was conducting foot patrol in late June, and came across a man who approached him. This man told Scaglione he and a group of friends had been talking with another man. When that other man left, it was discovered that three of the groups’ iPhones, a Social Security card, and some cash had gone missing. After hearing their story, Officer Scaglione took aRead More

New GPS System Makes Police Patrol Safer and More Efficient

Updated GPS technology is making it easier than ever for police officers to get where they are needed in a shorter amount of time. Speed and precise street directions are imperative when officers respond to an emergency or are needed on the scene of a crime. For instance, the officers employed at the United Police Department in Taylorsville, Utah, are accustomed to using GPS tracking devices as part of their standard vehicle equipment while out on patrol. Until January 2013, the police had a regular form of GPS tracking used by many departments; Taylorsville officers were able to provide theRead More

TX: What Lawmakers Don’t Want You To Know About GPS In Law Enforcement Vehicles

GPS tracking devices are becoming more and more common in cop cars. One of the main reasons they claim to use them: to protect your rights as a citizen, ensuring the police are providing the proper service. However, is there more? In Harris County, TX, Precinct 4 Constable Ron Hickman is one of the latest to have GPS devices installed in his cruisers. “The cars report their GPS (location) every 3-4 seconds,” he said. These devices help dispatchers see exactly where all available units are, but they also point out where the cards aren’t going as well. An example: NewsRead More

Derbyshire Police Urgently Seek GPS Tracking

After the news of success in using newly implemented GPS tracking units to monitor criminals came in from another shire, Derbyshire commissioner Alan Charles actively sought the overhaul of his own district’s current tagging system. Bedfordshire paved the way by tracking criminals previously involved in over 450 crimes and, after the impetus of GPS monitoring to stay out of trouble, saw a dramatic reduction in the number of future crimes. Concerned about the number of potential crimes in his area, the Derbyshire crime commissioner is requesting GPS monitors as well, instead of the proximity tags currently in use. What isRead More

India: Baaz Police Squad To Receive GPS-Enabled Handsets

The Baaz police squad in Indore, India could soon receive high-tech handsets equipped with GPS technology after a proposal was submitted to police headquarters recently. Vinay Prakash of Addl SP police headquarters said that a letter was sent stating 500 of these handsets would be provided. It is Paul’s hope these are available to officers in the next two weeks. Senior police officers are hard at work coming up with a strategy to implement the phones equipped with GPS devices in their department. Paul says the phones will make functions within the Indore police department smoother, as well as changingRead More

Kidnapper Tracked Down Using GPS Technology

Child Services GPS

From recording sports data to providing directions to a destination, GPS technology has many applications to everyday life. Recently, a Delaware police department put GPS to work to catch a dangerous fugitive.   The Crime One early morning in February, Edward Thomas Johnson entered a home in North Versailles Township, violated an order of protection, assaulted his girlfriend, and kidnapped his infant son. He then left the area, leaving police with a warrant but no criminal to arrest. The North Versailles police suspected that Johnson had fled to nearby Upper Darby, so they contacted the police for that area.  Read More

GPS Tracking Creates Rift Between City Officials and Unions

Police and fire departments in Columbus, Ohio may be facing potential disciplinary actions based on data received from GPS tracking units. The city recently began installing the devices in marked fire and police vehicles with the goal of monitoring speed, fuel usage, and driver conduct. The city hopes to reduce costs and discourage improper use of the vehicles, but union workers say contracts must be renegotiated first.   Jason Pappas, president of the Columbus police union, said that the unions were not against the tracking devices per se, but that any disciplinary measures taken by the city would need toRead More

Columbus, OH Next To Introduce GPS In City Fleet

Another city has realized the benefits of GPS fleet tracking: Columbus. The city has begun efforts to install GPS tracking devices in all vehicles owned by the city in order to reduce fuel costs and halt employee misuse.   Roughly 840 of the city’s vehicles, which include fire, police, and Recreation and Parks Department, have been outfitted with GPS tracking devices. These devices will keep track of how fast the vehicles are driving, the route the vehicle travels, and the vehicle’s location at any given time. The GPS devices will also send an alert to let managers know if theRead More

How GPS Reduces Officer Response Time

A major part of a police officer’s job is simply getting to the location of an emergency in a timely manner. The amount of time it takes an officer to reach the scene of crime or other emergency can be the difference between an attempted crime and an accomplished crime, a suspect apprehended and a suspect on the loose, and even at times, life and death. But with the financial woes of many cities causing them to cut back on already understaffed departments and officers expected to patrol areas larger than before, is there any hope for them to keepRead More