GPS Nabs Bank Robbers In Columbus

GPS Bank Robbery

GPS technology has benefited many victims of theft. As these devices get smaller and more affordable, more people are finding ways to attach them to valuables. Vehicles, computers, smartphones and much more have been stolen and recovered thanks to GPS tracking devices. Savvy consumers have been attaching undetectable tracking devices to their valuables which are vulnerable to theft. Now, we’re hearing of businesses using this technology for protection from robberies.   A bank robbery is a tasty temptation for thieves. Despite the high risks involved, like causing a federal investigation, the large cash reward seems worth it to a portionRead More

GPS Recovers Briefcase with $5,000 Cash from Taxi

GPS Tracking & Taxi Cabs

James J. Dunne III, a successful senior managing principal of Sandler O’Neill and Partners, a Wall Street investment banking firm, owes GPS tracking technology and a little luck for recovering his missing briefcase. Just about anyone would be distraught in Dunne’s position, after realizing the taxi dropped him off at his destination without a receipt or his briefcase. WIth a receipt, Dunne would have been able to track the cab down relatively easily, but without it, reuniting with his briefcase seemed nearly hopeless. He explains, “In the briefcase were company financial documents, around $5,000 in cash and personal stuff includingRead More

You Know My Methods, Watson.

A good detective embraces new technologies and Sherlock Holmes would have used every tool conceivable to prevent and/or solve a crime. You can too with today’s tool of choice – GPS tracking devices. Now that things look like they might be in the early stages of improvement from a business standpoint, it is a good idea to assess how you are doing and if there are any other things you can do to protect your momentum. Theft not only robs you of assets that you need to run your business, but also that momentum that helps keep your outlook positiveRead More

Outsource your GPS Tracking Program

A new growth market for GPS Tracking businesses lies in the area of offering GPS Tracking anti-theft services to companies who would rather pay to have the services performed rather than doing it themselves. And, if it makes financial sense, it is a win-win for both companies. Here are the principles that you need to know about and understand when looking for a company with which to do business in this manner. How Long in Business? While this might not be the best indicator, duration in business is still important. Start-up companies are looked upon as ‘fly-by-night’ operations that areRead More

Gps Tracking Keeps Thieves Away from Construction Sites

Theft of equipment from construction sites is occurring at an alarming rate.  So much so, that construction firms have embraced the use of  GPS Tracking devices to help them recover expensive equipment quickly. The poor economy is partly to blame for the rise in incidents of theft.  But beyond that is the fact that there are more opportunists out there that are looking for ways to make a quick dollar – even on larger expensive items. GPS Tracking systems are playing a large part in helping to solve these incidents.  Here are the ways that they are helping. Web-based LocateRead More

Smoke or Sell Pot – Get Busted Sooner

It’s a sign of the times; police are turning up the heat on marijuana users.  On one hand, this is a good thing because this ‘gateway’ drug leads to even more drug use and the evils that infect a society when it runs rampant.  But now, police departments are so strapped for cash that they are increasing their activities to arrest those with the drug so that they can bring in needed revenues to their departments. You will also find increases in patrols to catch and ticket those with simple moving violations such as speeding tickets. Reasons: Lower Tax RevenuesRead More

Houston Police Put On Demonstration

Car Safety When discussing car safety and auto-theft protection many experts will usually discuss GPS tracking systems, car alarms or more simple steps such as parking a vehicle in the garage or locking doors. The experts will usually share statistics about the increase in car burglaries, and some helpful tips on how to prevent the problem. Taking a more hands-on approach to the problem with car-theft and burglary, the Houston Police Department decided to give people a demonstration on how quickly and efficiently the bad guys operate. With the assistance of State Farm Insurance, who provided the police a demoRead More

Stolen Vehicle? Relax – You Have a GPS Tracking Device!

By Greg Bartlett Thousands of vehicles are stolen each year, and only a handful of them are recovered. Many people are left with a stressful problem when their vehicle is stolen. Vehicular theft is a growing problem in many areas, and people are unaware of this problem, or they think that they are immune to this problem. Vehicles are commonly stolen, and they can be very difficult to locate. This epidemic is getting solved through vehicle recovery systems that allow vehicle owners to track their vehicle using state of the art GPS tracking technologies. People love gps tracking technology, andRead More

5 Successful GPS Tracking Uses

by Greg Bartlett GPS tracking devices are extremely helpful to both families and businesses. Some first-time GPS shoppers may not understand what all can be done with this exciting technology, so here are 5 common ways that GPS trackers are used successfully by both businesses and consumers. Protecting your family GPS tracking can be used to track those who are most important to you: your spouse and kids. This can be done either through cell phone trackers, or dedicated devices that can be placed on individuals. These devices, like most GPS trackers, almost always come with software or access toRead More

Truth in GPS – Your Discreet Private Eye

Trust is a difficult thing to come by.  And all it takes is one mistake or misstep to lose that trust in someone…instantly.  Sometimes that break in trust is simply a misunderstanding.  If this is the case, the only way to fix it is with first-hand knowledge.  As you seek to gain that first-hand knowledge, you may not want the other person to know that you are “investigating” them.  One really easy way to investigate and gather information discreetly is by using a GPS tracking device.  So whether it is a wayward teenager or a wandering spouse, you can easilyRead More