Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

Tracking Alzheimer’s Patients

What would you do if someone you love suddenly wandered away from home? While this might not seem like a possibility for some people, for other people it is a daily occurrence. Those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease often wander far from their homes without a trace. New GPS tracking technology can change the way that Alzheimer’s patients live. These small devices are imbedded into simple bracelets (and other items) that track and trace every movement a person makes. This kind of technology is crucial and life saving. Some of these devices are also equipped with a sort of portable phoneRead More

Take GPS on Your Next Hike

by Greg Bartlett One of the greatest things about living near the mountains is the ability to take off into the wilderness on a hike whenever nature beckons. No matter what time of year it is, there are always new sights and sounds, new wildlife to observe, and the sounds and smells of life and growth all around. Seasoned hikers know that it’s important to take precautions when heading into the woods. They take care to hike with a buddy, bring plenty of water and food, and carry a first aid kit. Still, stories surface each season about hikers whoRead More

Smart Golf Course Managers use GPS Tracking

By James Neely (re-posted from April 2009) The water hazards on a golf course are no place in which your expensive golf carts should be found, but it does happen. Being prepared to handle these unfortunate events is a fact of life in golf course management. But it should be minimized by encouraging responsible behavior. This can be accomplished by installing a GPS Tracking system into these vehicles and other golf course equipment like mowers and tractors. In the operation of a golf course, one of the most expensive items is the equipment that it takes to provide transportation between holesRead More

GPS Trackers Assist Wild Horse Researchers

by Greg Bartlett If you were around in the late 1990’s you will most likely be pretty familiar with the movie The Man from Snowy River.  It was popular because it featured a love story set in the breathtaking Australian outback.  Although some women might disagree, Jim Craig (the hero of the movie) was not the true star of the movie; the true heroes were the beautiful wild horses known as the Brumbies.  They were wildly beautiful, and the fact that they couldn’t be tamed made them just that more intriguing.  The movie was such as success that there wasRead More

5 Successful GPS Tracking Uses

by Greg Bartlett GPS tracking devices are extremely helpful to both families and businesses. Some first-time GPS shoppers may not understand what all can be done with this exciting technology, so here are 5 common ways that GPS trackers are used successfully by both businesses and consumers. Protecting your family GPS tracking can be used to track those who are most important to you: your spouse and kids. This can be done either through cell phone trackers, or dedicated devices that can be placed on individuals. These devices, like most GPS trackers, almost always come with software or access toRead More

Are GPS Systems Vulnerable?

Recent Military GPS Failures Raise Questions Many people are now dependent upon the global positioning satellite technology that powers both navigational and GPS tracking systems. However, a recent news report by the Associated Press stated that a technical glitch resulted in thousands of GPS tracking and navigational units failing for multiple days. Not only did the story expose the fact that the technology our military relies on for a variety of operations is flawed, but that the GPS technology could be susceptible to glitches. Military service men and women rely on GPS technology in Iraq and Afghanistan to conduct aRead More

Tracking Political Polling Machines in Manila

Source acquired via Philstar, April 23, 2010, Manila, Philippines – When it comes to political polling, Manila isn’t taking any chances with possible tampering. On April 28, 2010, 7,555 Precinct Court Optical Scan machines will make a semi-long voyage from the current warehouse where they are stored to various polling stations throughout Manila. In order to avoid any unscheduled stops, all of the police patrol trucks that are being used to transport the machines will be tracked with a GPS tracker. If any unscheduled stop is made, those police officers monitoring the patrol cars will be able to react inRead More

Checking Up On Your Spouse with GPS Tracking

By Greg Bartlett In some marriages, concern over spousal fidelity can be a serious issue.  A husband could wonder whether his wife really is spending all day shopping, or a wife could be suspicious that her husband’s business trips aren’t all for business.  Husbands and wives may suspect infidelity without ever being able to prove or disprove it unless they hire a private investigator, which can often be more expensive than they can afford.  So the husbands and wives are just left to sit, wonder, and lose trust in their spouses even if no cheating is actually taking place. InRead More

4 Things you Must Know about Avoiding Traffic Fines

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking When it comes to moving violations, most people do not realize that they have specific things that they can do to avoid the fines and points that are placed on their licenses after they are convicted of the offenses.  Here are four things that you must know which will help you avoid having to pay exorbitant fines that come with most traffic infractions. Find out about Maintenance on Radar Units Radar units are sensitive pieces of electronic equipment that are susceptible toRead More

Spouse Tracking Made Easier With AT&T

By Greg Bartlett AT&T’s new FamilyMap program is useful for more than just keeping track of children. Although they might not advertise it as such, the FamilyMap program is a great way to track a cheating spouse. For $10 a month, AT&T’s program is available to track the whereabouts of anyone on your family plan in real-time. However, AT&T’s FamilyMap program was not intended to be used as a spouse tracking program and so it sends a monthly text message to each tracked phone to notify the owner of the program’s use. In order to effectively use FamilyMap as aRead More