Legislative Confusion Keeps Maryland GPS Tracking in Limbo


Washington County, Maryland has about a third of the crime rate, statistically, of its sister city, Baltimore. The small county in Maryland seems a little bit slow to get started on the emerging trend of utilizing GPS tracking for parole violators in the area. A Pilot Program That’s Not Ready for Primetime In 2010, the Maryland General Assembly got the ball rolling on a GPS tracking program. It appears to have been designed specifically for individuals that violate protective (presumably restraining) orders. The program comes to an end on Sep. 30 of this year. A bill is on the tableRead More

GPS Monitoring Bill Approved Unanimously in Wisconsin

Supreme Court GPS Tracking

GPS tracking of those who violate restraining orders is becoming a popular concept. A total of 15 states have laws on the books allowing it. On Tuesday March 6 th another state pushed that total to 16 after the state Assembly of Wisconsin unanimously passed legislation 97-0 giving judges the authority to call for GPS monitoring for these offenders. The bill puts the Department of Corrections in charge of monitoring the offender using a GPS tracking bracelet, which alerts authorities if predetermined boundaries are crossed. Normally there is a specified perimeter around the victim, laid out in the restraining orderRead More