Customs Bureau proposes RFID Technology in EU

GPS tracking has long been used for the purpose of tracking cargo shipments. By giving shippers the ability to monitor a cargo location at any point in its journey, tracking technology can save money, prevent theft and smuggling, and ensure timely delivery of cartons around the world. But despite their stellar track record, the devices may soon decline in use, at least among shippers in the European Union. Customs Commissioner Rozzano Rufino B. Biazon has proposed that cheaper, less sophisticated radio frequency identification (RFID) technology be used alongside GPS systems in order to evaluate whether the costlier devices actually offerRead More

Tracking Schoolchildren with RFID Technology

In a day and age when parents fear for their children’s safety, one school district has decided to use modern technology to put those fears to rest. Officials state that efficiency is the main reason for the program, but it is hard to imagine that parental concern did not factor into the equation. Earlier this month, the Middletown school district in Providence, Rhode Island enacted a pilot program that included putting RFID (radio frequency identification) chips in tags that will be attached to children’s schoolbags. This initial trial run will include about 80 children (and their backpacks). The primary reasonRead More