Best Black Friday New Car Deals

Ford Interior car steering wheel

While you may have your heart set on a new iPad this Black Friday, car manufacturers are getting in on the Black Friday action too, though most people don’t think about buying a new car as part of a Black Friday deal. New cars are a much bigger purchase than an iPad, that’s for sure, but you may be able to get a great deal on a new car if you act during the Black Friday frenzy. Plus many of these deals last through December. Rocky Mountain Tracking has gathered up some of the top Black Friday new car deals,Read More

Honda’s New Compact SUV

Blue Honda HR-V

There are few things more irritating than massive SUVs double-parked on a bustling urban street. Not only is this frustrating for the people that can’t get around the road-blocking car, it’s also frustrating for drivers of these huge vehicles that can’t easily park anywhere without attracting way too much angry attention. This is the exact reason why a number of car manufacturers are starting to create compact SUVs that have all the luxury and size of a traditional SUV on the inside, but none of the massive girth that causes blocked roads, frustrated drivers, and difficulties keeping to one lane.Read More

Rocky Mountain Tracking Featured in The Coloradoan

David Young, a reporter from The Coloradoan, recently interviewed RMT President, Brad Borst, in regards to RMT’s new Space Foundation Certification. The Space Foundation Certification was awarded to Rocky Mountain Tracking in recognition of the company’s innovative technology. RMT is the only tracking company to gain The Space Foundation Certification. As the article states, this certification is reserved for “…products developed for space that have been adapted for use on Earth.” Rocky Mountain Tracking fits the bill, due to the company’s “…use of satellites.” Rocky Mountain Tracking joins a long list of prestigious companies that have been honored by theRead More

Satellite Tracking Device

By Greg Bartlett GPS tracking is a completely new world of exploration. Although new discoveries are being made every day, there are always new types of changes that can be ventured into. GPS technology can be used to track almost any type of object, as long as it moves, to almost any type of environment that it goes to. Wildlife environmentalists use it to track birds and fish, businesses use it for vehicles and packages, and people use it to track their spouses and children. Anything that you esteem to be of value can be tracked using a satellite trackingRead More

GPS Tracking: A Gift that Keeps on Giving

This year, people are looking to save money and give Christmas gifts that provide real value. And at Rocky Mountain Tracking, we don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Decorative gifts have their place too, but what about giving someone a gift that they can really use, something that will bring them continued returns, and not something they will want to return because it was the wrong color or did not fit? Some of us have always been fans of the ‘practical gift,’ and others are just now catching on to this idea. What is more practical than aRead More

Run Your Business More Efficiently with GPS

Reading an article online, I read one about one business owner who had a great outlook on using GPS fleet tracking. We already know how great GPS tracking can be, but we are also aware that there are some skeptics out there. This person addressed the doubts that some may have by stating that install GPS tracking systems on company vehicles was not about second-guessing or trying to entrap employees; it is about running a business smoothly and efficiently. For one thing, GPS car tracking technology allows you to validate service calls. There will be no need to guess. ByRead More

Personal Tracking with the PT-200

Earlier this week, we told you about how GPS tracking has been used in the fight against drugs. One concerned man used a personal tracking device to help his girlfriend steer clear of drugs. Had he tried to keep tabs on her on his own, he may not have been successful. Gene bought a Rocky Mountain Tracking device (available online at over the phone from Jeff Tomlinson, a sales manager. Once installed in her car, the live Rover device allowed Gene to see, on his computer, every detail of his girlfriend’s travel: location, direction, speed, and tracking history. ItRead More

GPS Helps Steer Woman Away from Drugs

When some people hear the words “personal tracking,” they picture an angry spouse following someone to a seedy motel. Surely, GPS tracking technology has been put to use that way, but there are so many more ways to used a GPS tracking device when it comes to keeping up with loved ones and family members. Just asked Gene, an anguished man, who turned to a GPS tracking device to help save his girlfriend from drug addiction. She couldn’t help herself and Gene could not have succeeded in his quest to keep her from drugs on his own. Once a GPSRead More

Two Owners, One GPS Device

Law enforcement officers in North Carolina used the GPS device installed by a truck’s owner to track the truck to the location where the thieves left it. The thieves not only stole the truck in question, but they then used it to make a stop at a motorcycle dealership, where they loaded it up with motorcycles in an attempt to get away with even more stolen vehicles. The owner of the motorcycle dealership says that his store has 16 security cameras and a top of the line security system. He also employs security personnel, but unfortunately, his security detail wasRead More