Using GPS to Keep You Safe

There was a popular game in the late 1980s and 1990s called “Where’s Waldo,” in which you had to search a busy picture to find the character Waldo. Usually, Waldo was hidden in plain sight, but in a way that caused him to blend in with his surroundings. Unfortunately, registered sex offenders also often have the ability to blend in with their surroundings, which can make it difficult to protect yourself or those you love. Some states and communities are trying to do something about that situation by using GPS tracking to make these individuals a little easier to find.Read More

India to Offer Anti-Rape GPS Wristwatches to Women

During a time of political and social reform, India intends to use GPS technology in an attempt to curb the kind of violence that was illustrated in the account of a 23-year-old Indian medical student who died after being gang raped on a bus in December 2012. In the works is a wristwatch that would allow women to contact authorities via GPS tracking should they ever be attacked.   Currently, India’s Centre for Development of Advanced Computing is designing the device. Upon approval, the Indian government would possibly contract ITI, the company selected to carry out the project, to implementRead More

GPS Technology Alerts Father Of Son’s Life-Threatening Danger

GPS technology has aided many rescuers in saving the lives of stranded adventurers. Many outdoor enthusiasts are drawn to dangerous situations. Some are in it for the thrill and others seek a “oneness” with nature. For the most part, hikers, campers, skiers, backpackers and climbers enjoy their outdoor actives without serious incident. The smart ones know that there is always a risk of bad weather and bad luck, leaving them stranded miles from help without anyone knowing their whereabouts.   This awareness helped save a Canadian mountain climber who became stranded on Mt. Aspiring last week. Although it is unwiseRead More

Geolocate With Caution

Sharing real-time location data with friends is a lot of fun. Nearly anyone who has just bought a smartphone or iPhone knows how tempting it can be to spend hours uploading photos of himself and looking up photos of acquaintances to see where they have been or where they are at that very moment. But, like most things that are really fun, geolocation is best when restricted by a few careful guidelines.   Consider for a moment just what you are doing when you post a photo of yourself on Facebook with geolocation tags attached. You are proclaiming to everyoneRead More

Magellan Adds Even More Safety Features to Its GPS Devices


Magellan, known for its GPS-enabled navigational tools, is adding even more safety options to its RoadMate series. Slated to be released in September 2012, all new devices will feature Magellan’s full slate of options, including the three most recent additions that come standard with the new RoadMate RM2255T-LMB and the RoadMate 526ST-LMB GPS models.   Bluetooth “Safe Texting” The Bluetooth Safe Texting feature allows a driver to send a pre-written text message to a caller stating that the contact person is driving and will call back at a later time or giving the vehicle’s GPS location and its estimated timeRead More

Restrained by GPS Technology


Every year, thousands of women, children, and even men are harmed by someone who claims to love them. And every year, hundreds of restraining orders are issued to try to protect those same people. However, a restraining order is only a piece of paper that is easily violated. To further help victims of abuse, Wisconsin’s governor, Scott Walker, recently signed a bill that allows the Department of Corrections to use a GPS tracking device to monitor the whereabouts of any individual who has violated a restraining order.   Nature of a Restraining Order Any victim of domestic violence, stalking, harassment,Read More

GPS May Lead the Wrong Person Home

West Newbury Break Ins

The Uniform Crime Report put out by the FBI revealed that 740,000 vehicles were reported stolen in 2011 in the United States, nearly three-quarters of a million. Now, disturbing reports are emerging that demonstrate that car thieves are taking their crimes to a whole new level—home invasion. Using the GPS navigational devices that almost all drivers have, either as a separate unit or as an integrated system, thieves are able to locate a victim’s home and ransack it at will. Cases have been cited from Washington State to Michigan and Ohio.   CoJack, a company based in Canton, Massachusetts, isRead More

Vaccination Safety Ensured Thanks to Intelleflex’s GPS RFID Reader


Ensuring safety of the vaccinations we give to our children and loved ones is important. Some of these vaccinations require storage in a controlled environment, and to help achieve this goal during transport, Intelleflex has introduced a new GPS RFID reader and database in the cloud to monitor temperatures during each step of the transportation process. The CMR-6100 cellular multiprotocol reader and associated Zest Data Services cloud platform was introduced on April 3, and it gives both manufacturers and health care professionals peace of mind that the precious cargo, both food and pharmaceutical items, will reach their destination without spoiling. Read More

GPS Saves a Group of Fishermen


You love fishing. You go to a lake with some friends, walk in the ice until you find a nice spot. After a few hours, without warning, the ice breaks. You and your friends are adrift, slowly moving away from the shore, and you don’t even know it. In this situation, every minute counts. You need to call the rescue crews ASAP, but you don’t even know you’re in danger! This situation can be easily avoided with GPS technology. A GPS tracking device can tell you exactly where you are. It can also tell you if you’re not where you’reRead More

Safety at Sea with GPS

Fishermen are no strangers to the dangers of the sea. For those that rely on long fishing trips to make a living, the dangers of getting lost at sea, or falling overboard are a part of life. Seasoned fishermen got to be that way by respecting the dangers inherent in their journeys, and doing everything they can to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Before technology advanced to where it is, there wasn’t much fishermen could do to prepare for disasters at sea. This is one of the reasons that superstition is so prevalent on fishing boats. Before peopleRead More