Technological Uses for GPS Tracking Abound

If awards were handed out for the best use of technology in the field of electronics, GPS would be at or near the top of the list.  Medical uses would probably be at the top, but certainly GPS Tracking would be a close second. Think of all of the ways that GPS Tracking is helping to improve and order our world.  We are speaking about the ability to be able to track automobiles, construction equipment, boats, airplanes, and about any other kind of motorized passenger or utility vehicle that you can imagine.  And it does not stop there.  The trackingRead More

Lost Elephants? High Tech GPS Aids Researcher

by James Neely Wildlife monitoring has been an accomplishment of those who love animals and are concerned not only for their well-being, but also in helping enforce laws that protect them. Iain Douglas-Hamilton knows firsthand about the struggle to keep wildlife safe.  First, he loves elephants.  And because of that love, he is dedicated to help protect them from poaching and the gathering of tusks illegally as well as helping to find ways to encourage the species to thrive in its own habitat. Over 20 years ago a worldwide ban was imposed on harvesting and selling ivory.  This slowed theRead More

Our U.S. Military Depends on GPS for Equipment Tracking

by Harriette Halepis Source acquired via Associated Press, June 4, 2010, Denver, Colorado – Last week, 10,000 GPS receivers that the U.S. military relies upon stopped working. More than 100 armored vehicles, aircraft carriers, ships, and other types of defense systems use GPS Tracking technology. When the power went out the United States Air Force was left scrambling. John Pike, director of Global, related to press just how serious the situation was. When it comes to the U.S. military, “…everything that moves…” moves with the help of GPS technology. In fact, GPS technology “…is so central to the AmericanRead More

Attacking Domestic Violence

New CT Bill Aims To Keep Victims Safe With one stroke of the pen, Governor M. Jodi Rell signed in a new law that would hopefully reduce domestic violence in Connecticut with the use of GPS tracking system technology. In response to her actions, Rell explained the pain and damage caused from domestic violence, and how it was necessary for additional appropriate steps to be made to help eliminate or at lest reduce the problem. After a number of high profile domestic violence stories began making headlines in the West Haven and Fairfield regions earlier this year, many people inRead More

5 Successful GPS Tracking Uses

by Greg Bartlett GPS tracking devices are extremely helpful to both families and businesses. Some first-time GPS shoppers may not understand what all can be done with this exciting technology, so here are 5 common ways that GPS trackers are used successfully by both businesses and consumers. Protecting your family GPS tracking can be used to track those who are most important to you: your spouse and kids. This can be done either through cell phone trackers, or dedicated devices that can be placed on individuals. These devices, like most GPS trackers, almost always come with software or access toRead More

Teen Tracking is Easy and Keeps them Accountable

By Greg Bartlett Teen drivers are some of the worst drivers in the country. On a regular basis, news reporters announce the tragic death of a handful of teenagers that were riding in a car at a rapid pace. These teens fall easily to peer pressure, and they regularly drive fast with friends in the car. With music blaring and friends talking, it can be easy to lose focus and run off road or into another car. Teen drivers need something that can keep them accountable, and teen tracking with GPS technology can help do this. Parents can monitor theirRead More

GPS Tracking Watch Protects Children

by Greg Bartlett Every day children disappear from playgrounds, shopping malls, and parking lots that are never found. This is probably the worst thing that could happen to any parent as they would do anything to prevent their child from being kidnapped. But how can they keep an eye on their child at all times? GPS tracking devices may be the answer. With a real time GPS tracker, parents would be able to go online and immediately locate their child. If the child was missing, this information could be given to the law enforcement officers and the child could beRead More

“Old School” Tactics Prevent New-Tech Theft

By Harriette Halepis Source acquired via Bronx Times, June 3, 2010, New York – he may not be able to climb buildings and he doesn’t wear a red and blue suit, but retired NYPD Lieutenant Anthony Amelio is nothing short of a neighborhood hero. On the morning of May 22, 2010, Amelio chased a GPS thief down three streets until he finally caught him, held him, and waiting for the 49th Precinct to arrive. Amelio was already awake around 4:30 a.m. when he saw a car thief break into his neighbour’s Jeep. Upon spotting the thief, Amelio went out toRead More

Airlines Required to Install New GPS Technology

By Greg Bartlett In only ten years, every airplane in the sky will be required to use the new GPS navigation system known as NextGen. This high tech tracking system uses global positioning satellites to pinpoint a plane’s location and send it to receivers on the ground as well as receivers in other planes. Once every aircraft has this system, air travel safety is expected to increase with the increase in communication. Another benefit of NextGen is the greater accuracy of this technology in predicting the locations of planes. With the current radar system, air traffic controllers or pilots sometimesRead More

Protecting Kids With Technology

GPS Trackers Assist In Child Monitoring With the recent advancement and cost decline in personal GPS tracking system devices, a new phenomenon has been growing among parents with small children. What these concerned parents are doing is giving GPS tracking devices to their childcare providers so while the parent or parents are away at work or other duties they can monitor the movements of their child and childcare workers. The days of a household being supported on a single income are pretty much a thing of the past. With the cost of living continuing to increase, outpacing the growth ofRead More