High-Tech Sailing

Boaters often find themselves at the mercy of the waves when attempting to navigate a large body of water in the U.S. However, researchers have developed a new type of GPS technology that will allow you to sail with comfort and control when you’re traversing your favorite American body of water. This “Simple Charts” app is easily accessible on your iPhone or iPad and can also be downloaded onto an Android phone. It will take care of the simple navigational tasks for you and provide many handy tools for charting your course. The app is available to download for aRead More

GPS Technology For Sailboats

GPS Sailboats

Do you have a hard time finding your way around a strange city even with the use of a GPS navigator? Imagine trying to stay on track in the ocean, surrounded by featureless water and with no reference points visible on the horizon. GPS technology has made navigation easier for boaters in this situation, but there is a special class of boaters that has only benefitted slightly from it—at least until now. Sailboats have a unique method of traveling through the water. Because they rely on wind direction and speed, they spend most of their time “tacking”—sailing back and forthRead More

GPS Tracking Assists Recreational Boat Owners


The most recent New York Boat Show showcased technology that would have dropped the jaws of the show’s early founders. One of the most interesting features to appear at the show is known as Skyhook. Skyhook uses GPS tracking technology to “anchor” a boat in a certain location. By choosing a specific GPS map location, the navigator can program the boat’s motors to do whatever is necessary to remain within five feet of that spot. The technology makes it easy for fisherman, divers, and other boaters to ensure that their boats stay put while they enjoy the activities they cameRead More

Come Sail Away With GPS

Educational Passages, a program based in Maine, takes researching the ocean to a whole new level.  Since its creation, over a dozen tiny sailboats have been released in the Atlantic Ocean in order to study the currents and winds, with boats being recovered in faraway places such as Portugal and Ireland.  The progam was the recent topic of discussion at The Apprenticeshop in Rockland as part of its “Second Thursday” series. Educational Passages was the idea of Dick Baldwin from Belfast, who created the program to teach Maine’s children a bit about the ocean and data scientists use to studyRead More

Sailing Tests Begin for 2012 London Olympics

The Olympic test regatta is currently underway, in the chilly waters of Portland and Weymouth. It is just 12 months from the London 2012 Olympics, and more than 400 sailors are competing for the chance at Olympic victory. 440 sailors from 66 different nations, all hoping for the chance to return to Weymouth in a year’s time. “This is really a true trial of what it’s going to be like in the summer of 2012, and to that end it will be very exciting from a competitive perspective,” explained Stephen Park, who is the Royal Yachting Association Olympic manager. “ThereRead More