Truant Students Issued GPS Trackers

Concerns about habitually truant students have caused some schools to issue GPS tracking devices to some of their students. The program, which is being tried in schools both in California and Texas, hopes to encourage students to attend school regularly to gain full benefit from the education available to them.   How It Works Students who chronically skip class are given the opportunity to participate in the tracking program. If they and their parents agree, they are issued a small GPS device, about the size of a cell phone. They are required to check in five times a day — whenRead More

GPS Tracking Keeps School Buses Running on Schedule

Each day millions of children rely on buses to get them to school. But when the bus runs late or doesn’t show at all, those students and their families face big problems. That’s what happened to thousands of children in Florida’s Broward County when their school buses failed to arrive as expected. In an effort to make sure the debacle doesn’t repeat itself, some school officials hope that GPS tracking can provide a solution to keep the buses running on schedule.   Many districts nationwide already use GPS tracking to monitor their school buses, providing accountability for drivers and givingRead More

Tennessee Considers GPS for School Buses

School Kids GPS

When you think about it, school bus drivers are key players when it comes to the safety of our children. Once or twice every weekday, they take kids on the road to and from school in a large vehicle that is surprisingly difficult to operate safely. In Tennessee, buses are not required to have seat belts, so if an accident does occur, the danger to children is much higher than if they had been in a family vehicle. A recent crash in Washington County, Tennessee has officials looking into the possibility of using GPS devices to reduce the chances ofRead More

Back-To-School Bus Safety

It seems like summer just began, and it’s already back-to-school time in Jackson-Madison County. Morning commuters are going to have to re-adjust to the presence of school busses back on the road. Officials in Jackson-Madison County are providing parents and motorists with some basic reminders of road safety during the school season. Drivers should always be mindful of pedestrians, no matter their size or age. When school starts, drivers need to watch out for children walking to and from school. Some children begin walking to and from school at a very early age. Hopefully, smaller children are accompanied by atRead More

Anaheim Schools Force Truant Students to Carry GPS

School districts in Anaheim, California have decided to try to keep kids in school by requiring habitually truant students to wear GPS tracking devices. According to school officials, they have tried all other methods of keeping kids in school. After a recent rise in truancy, despite these efforts, schools have decided to adopt a new, high-tech approach to keeping kids from truancy. “This is their last chance at an intervention. Anything that can help these kids get to class is a good thing” says Dale Junior High School principal, Kristen Levitin. This new program is being tested out on 75Read More

School Administrators Realize the Benefits of GPS Tracking

Parents calling complaining their kid was never picked up, school bus fleet managers wondering whether their bus drivers are really doing their job properly, administrators trying to keep track of fuel costs and travel time – all these problems are an intrinsic part of the relations between school bus drivers, parents, and staff. Or are they? Are these conflicts unavoidable or is there a solution? The Nashville Tennessee school district set out to find a working answer to the problems. Their solution? A GPS vehicle tracking system. The school outfitted their school buses with these devices. When the bus driverRead More

School Systems Recoup Dollars with GPS Tracking

With skyrocketing gasoline prices continuing to bite deeply into the the budgets of companies that maintain fleets, businesses are looking for ways to save money on fuel and operate more efficiently. A Georgia school system is is doing that by equipping its buses and part of its maintenance fleet with GPS tracking, thereby  reducing fuel expenses and overtime. The initial motivation for this move was an accreditation audit that found possible overtime overages in their transportation department. The purchase was required for their accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has turned out to be a hugeRead More

Riding the Bus with GPS Fleet Tracking

Has your child ever missed the school bus due to driver error? With GPS tracking, mistakes like this may be a phenomenon of the past. Many schools now equip every school bus with a location device that enables supervisors to monitor drivers and buses as they complete their routes each day. The devices not only help to ensure that drivers are where they say they are, but can also allow supervisors to offer assistance to new drivers who get lost or who accidentally miss a stop. Disputes between parents and bus drivers about missed stops used to rely solely onRead More

School Districts Increase Efficiency with GPS Tracking

School bus operators and commercial fleet managers have the same problems in managing their fleets. It can be difficult to gather precise information about what route was driven, how long stops took, and where a disabled vehicle is located. Lack of this information limits the ability to plan the most efficient route for each fleet vehicle. Some school districts are trying GPS fleet tracking technology to keep tabs on their buses. Fleet tracking works like any other GPS tracking. Each vehicle in the fleet is equipped with a device that communicates with satellites to determine the location and movement ofRead More

Schools Eye GPS Tracking Technology

Monitoring Students School districts in the U.S. are always looking for new ways to monitor their student’s activities to ensure kids are attending class and are doing the right things. Spy gadget-type surveillance equipment in the form of cameras has been one of the predominate ways many schools have monitored students and improved security, but now there is an alternative option. The newest monitoring option for schools is the implementation of a GPS tracking system program. However, the alternative option has caused some unique reactions. How the school districts would implement the GPS monitoring system program is by placing aRead More