South Korea Improves GPS Signal Security

South Korea is working on implementing a better security system for GPS technology. Since 2010, South Korea has been the victim of GPS signal jamming around their border with North Korea. North Korea is also suspected of hacking South Korea’s online networks with a team of hackers ordered to illegally access computer networks, spread malware and viruses and steal information. North Korea has denied any hacking, but South Korea isn’t taking any risks considering recent threats of war. Officials in South Korea are working hard to beef up their GPS security.   If you’re following this blog, I don’t haveRead More

Safety in Enablement of GPS Location Services Possible on smartphones

While the perks of GPS tracking location services can be appealing, many users of smartphones have raised valid questions of privacy and security. What safeguards do cell phone manufacturers use to ensure security of clients’ data? How easy it is for strangers or predatory individuals to access GPS tracking data from smartphones? Are cell phone companies doing anything to address the concerns of their clients?Indeed they are. Trustworthy smartphone and app developers have worked very hard to keep a standard of integrity and safety in their products.   The technologies of smartphones has exploded in recent years, enough so thatRead More

Emphasizing the Positive Side of GPS Monitoring

JEA, the electric and water company that serves the city of Jacksonville, Florida, has joined the ranks of companies that now use GPS monitoring to keep constant eyes on its equipment. Like similar businesses and local government agencies all over the country, JEA has decided that the many benefits provided by monitoring are worth the expense of fitting multiple vehicles and expensive pieces of equipment with devices.   If you read about this new development within JEA, you will notice that all of the advantages listed are very positive. For example, the primary emphasis is on the safety of employees,Read More

Bank Robber Busted By GPS Tracking Device

GPS Bank Robbery

It’s incredible that in today’s world, people still think they can get away with bank robbery. Surely, there are some criminal master-minds who can successfully steal from a bank, but for the most part, financial institutions are very secure. There are cameras in every bank, and typically there is at least one guard on duty. However, it’s GPS tracking technology that’s really catching these bank robbers. If you pay any attention to news sources, there are multiple stories published about bank robberies foiled by GPS tracking devices. One would think that the criminal element might catch on, but a recentRead More

GPS Tracking Application Foils iPhone Theft in Minutes!

Thieves snatching cell phones isn’t anything new. In fact, it happens all the time, which is why Covia Labs devised a GPS-tracking app for iPhone. It just so happens that while one of Covia’s employees was testing the app, a thief rode by on a bicycle and stole her iPhone. Covia couldn’t have asked for better advertising, since the iPhone that was stolen was running the GPS-tracking app at the time that it was taken. Within moments, Covia employees were able to locate the phone, call police, and the thief was apprehended. Covia CEO, David Kahn, liked the theft toRead More

Dissapoint the Thieves with Hidden GPS Tracking

From Indianapolis comes news that more people have been arrested in a wide-spread auto theft ring operating in central Indiana. The thieves had stolen 68 vehicles and replaced the VINs and titles with phony ones to be able to license and sell them to unsuspecting customers. The vehicles were hidden in storage units and apartment and garages as well as with their new, unsuspecting owners who had purchased them from the suspects. Who thinks about checking a VIN on a vehicle that you are going to purchase? No one really. So you purchase a car that is rightfully someone else’sRead More

Vitamins Hijacked (then Swiftly Recovered with GPS Tracking)

Truck drivers make their living by driving long hours and transporting large amounts of goods within a state or between states. They are targets for theft because their goods carry significant value. Can you imagine your rather large tractor trailer stolen right from the truck stop while you were dining? It continues to happen, even though safeguards are in place to protect expensive consumer goods traveling cross country. A GPS tracking system allows a person possessing a GPS-enabled device to track people or possessions that have a GPS device attached to them. The GPS tracking system has twenty-four satellites spreadRead More

Be Cautious on the Net and Stay Safe with GPS Tracking

It comes with territory, so to speak, that social networking opens users up to dangerous security issues.  The two sites that are encouraging ‘checking in’ wherever you may be are and The first reason that these social networking sites are raising concern is because they encourage users to ‘check in’ which provides your location instantly to those in your group. The second reason is because they are being used improperly by those who sign up. The positive and great things that smartphone technology has brought us have created a breeding ground for potential hazards.  As with anything, cautionRead More

Car Thieves Strike Craigslist

by Harriette Halepis Source acquired via Newser, July 8, 2010 – Public warnings related to Craigslist are nothing new, but this time the warning is coming straight from the New York Police Department. The NYPD has been repeatedly warning the general public to be extra careful when allowing potential buyers to test drive listed cars. Savvy Craigslist listers are quickly finding out that GPS tracking devices can do more than track stolen goods – they can potentially save lives. The NYPD has picked up on a recent scam that many within the New York City (and other) area have fallenRead More

Fake Cocaine Embedded with GPS Tracking Nabs Police Officer

Source acquired via Toronto Sun, July 2, 2010 – The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) recently set up a drug sting operation called “Project Ocaper” that was meant to track down Peruvian drug dealers. What the RCMP discovered was that a fellow RCMP officer stole a brick of fake cocaine along with various other confiscated goods. Constable Sheldon Cook was found guilty of stealing one brick of fake cocaine and 21 MP3 players from a police building. Cook stole the fake drugs and the MP3 players while he was on duty. What Cook did not know was that RCMP policeRead More