GPS Tracking of Commercial Aircraft

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking As part of the push for jobs creation, the chairman of American Airlines and AMR Corporation made a pitch to the Obama Administration for funding for a new GPS-based tracking system for commercial air traffic control. The current system is based upon radar technology from as long ago as World War II, and has served the nation well.  But, with new advances, GPS Tracking stands to be a better, more reliable system. Here is how GPS Tracking can improve commercial airline travel:Read More

Do You Want to Know When Santa Claus is coming to Town?

By Harriette Halepis Gone are the days when children went to bed wondering when Santa would be landing on the rooftop. Today’s tech-savvy kids can do far better than imagination – GPS trackers have Santa pegged, and tracking him is as easy as logging onto a website ( Kids and parents all around the world will now be able to track Santa’s movements thanks to the Internet and GPS capabilities. While it may seem impossible, Santa is now under constant surveillance thanks to a group of people known as NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command). NORAD has teamed up withRead More

GPS Vehicle Tracking Reduces Expenses for Charities

By Greg Bartlett For most people, the holidays bring excitement, joy, and memory-making moments, from reuniting with friends and family to shopping for the perfect gift to planning dazzling holiday menus. For some, however, the holidays only magnify the struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table. All around the country, struggling families rely on companies like Food Lifeline to help them feed their families. During times of economic downturn, the companies receive even more requests for assistance, and they are constantly looking for ways to cut operating costs in order to put more money toward theRead More

Caltrain Adds GPS Tracking to Improve Service

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking Public transportation operations are getting smart by incorporating GPS Tracking into their systems.  One of the latest is Caltrain in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California.  Caltrain is implementing GPS Tracking for one purpose:  to closely monitor train movements and locations so that riders know exactly where trains are located in relation to their position and (more importantly) when they will arrive. GPS Tracking makes its mark by helping to improve service to customers.  This has long been a strong pointRead More

GPS Tracking and Feeding the Hungry

By Greg Bartlett With Thanksgiving passed and the rest of the holidays still to come, many are grateful for the opportunity to spend time with family and friends, enjoying fellowship, fun, and food. Unfortunately, a great number of Americans this season will be forced to seek their meals from food banks, churches, and shelters. Efforts by these charities to reach out to those in need are plentiful, yet inefficiency and disorganization can quickly become an issue in churches trying to provide for so many hungry people. Getting food out to where it’s needed most is a managerial nightmare without theRead More

Vehicle Tracking Systems And Dispatch Combine To Save Lives

By Greg Bartlett Vehicle tracking using GPS technology can now be used to save many more lives in emergency situations. Ambulances, fire trucks, and even police cruisers equipped with GPS tracking devices whose signals are monitored by dispatchers can make the response times in emergencies much shorter than they used to be. If emergency vehicles are being monitored by dispatchers with vehicle tracking systems, it is possible to send the unit closest to an emergency, provided that unit is not already responding to a call. This could mean that an ambulance that has just dropped a patient at a hospitalRead More

Customer Service Excellence with GPS Tracking Systems

By James Neely Maintaining a focus on delivering the best customer service helps you stay in business while operating on razor thin profit margins. If you are looking for additional ways to improve your profitability, you should add GPS Tracking to your fleet of vehicles. Being able to track your assets in real time also helps you lower costs. Here’s how this works. There are principles that have to be adhered to in order to keep your customers satisfied. There are too many competitors and too little margin for error these days. On time delivery. Everyone who is in theRead More

The Hidden Advantage Your Business Has Over the Competition

By James Neely Every business is looking for an edge over their competition. This is especially true since economic times are difficult and making money is more challenging than it has been in a very long time. If your business utilizes vehicles or equipment that is used out of doors, then you should consider adding a GPS Tracking system to each of these units. Here is why: With these units, which cost only a few hundred dollars each, you can keep track of automobiles, trucks and any other type of vehicle or large piece of equipment that is used inRead More

Fleet Tracking with GPS Can Benefit Drivers, Too

By Greg Bartlett Many businesses that operate fleets of vehicles have found that there are many benefits to having GPS tracking devices installed in their vehicles. Some of the more progressive companies have found a way to make this a benefit to the driver and help the company out at the same time. Several companies have started to employ “driver service representatives” to aid drivers in avoiding problems associated with severe weather and traffic delays.