Australia Introduces Legislation to Track Criminals With GPS Bracelets

It appears the United States isn’t the only country to see the benefits of mandatory GPS tracking ankle bracelets for the most violent sex offenders. Western Australia’s Barnett Government has vowed to create a new category of offender, “serious violent offender,” in order for the court to demand they wear a GPS tracking bracelet prior to their release from prison. Also, the Prisoners Review Board will be given the power to choose which criminals will receive a GPS device over a monitoring tag.   Roughly 25 percent of parolees, which translates to about 90 of the worst offenders, and anRead More

Severe Oversights in Tennessee’s GPS Tracking of Sex Offenders

In Tennessee, an audit run within the last several months has revealed shocking details about the neglect of parole officers and the probation department in keeping a watchful eye on prison released, GPS monitored high risk offenders. In the state about 800 criminals are electronically tracked, the large majority of which are sex offenders.  With such a high percentage, why has even one of them been found within an off limits zone (as in a school or daycare)? Alerts (usually via text) are sent to sex offenders’ probation or parole officer as a red flag when they are in predetermined,Read More

Britain and Wales to GPS Track Sex Criminals

GPS Criminal Tracking

Each country has its own ideas for handling criminals released back into society after imprisonment—including different methods on how to keep a constant close eye on high risk offenders like those guilty of sex- and child-related crimes. In the United States many sex offenders are outfitted with a GPS tracked monitoring anklet as well as required to periodically check in (the number of times depending on the state) with an officer face to face. Other countries are following suit as more sex crimes come to light and suspects are arrested.   Britain’s Sex Offender Registries Just Not Enough Anymore? CurrentlyRead More

Monitoring the “Beast of Blenheim” with GPS

On September 1, 2012, Stewart Murray Wilson was released from Christchurch’s Rolleston Prison in New Zealand. Known as the “Beast of Blenheim” for his heinous sex crimes against women and children for more than twenty years, his release came as a shock to the Whanganui community he is being released to. Officials, however, are confident that the restrictions they have placed on Wilson will keep the public safe. One of those restrictions includes GPS monitoring.   Wilson will be the first parolee in New Zealand to be outfitted with a GPS-enabled tracking device so that authorities can monitor his movementsRead More

Sex Offender Arrested After Removing GPS Unit

GPS Sex Offenders

A Pasco, WA high-risk sex offender has found himself in a bit of trouble after cutting the $1,400 GPS tracking device off of his ankle and then refusing to return it to authorities despite their multiple requests. Jerome Lionel Pleasant, 22, went before the Franklin County Superior Court and pleaded his innocence to the charges of second-degree theft. His trial is set for August 29.   Although Pleasant is from Pasco, court records indicate he is a transient. He was classified as a Level 3 sex offender, which labels him as “highly likely to reoffend,” due to a 2006 first-degree childRead More

GPS Legal Woes Throw Sex Offender Defense for a Loop


Jeffrey Kitze has had a long and storied relationship with the law. The convicted rapist, a computer repair technician in Virginia, is in the midst of a stalking trial that may send the individual back to jail after a two decade stay. The “Graduation Day Rapist” In 1989, Kitze joined his sister for her graduation from UVA Law School. There, he met his sister’s roommate. The next day, according to his criminal conviction, he hit his sister’s roommate repeatedly with a tire iron and assaulted the woman. He was quickly convicted, and remained in jail until 2009. Constant GPS MonitoringRead More

Sex Offender Removes GPS Bracelet In a Drunken Stupor

When sex offenders are cuffed with GPS tracking devices, they are told that tampering with a device will result in additional jail time. Yet, tracked felons try to remove GPS bracelets on a regular basis. Regardless of this known information,  30-year old Wydell J. Vaughn removed his court ordered GPS tracking bracelet earlier this week.  Upon removal, the GPS company that was tracking Vaughn alerted police immediately. It didn’t take authorities long to find Vaughn, who was passed out on his couch. Vaughn claims that he was in a drunken stupor when he removed the tracking bracelet. He then tossedRead More

Serial Rapist in Massachusetts is Caught

Police in the Boston, Massachusetts area recently captured a sexual predator who violently raped and abused a child, among other indictments, according to a recent report in the Boston Herald. Police claim that the suspect, Brian M  Addeo, cut off his GPS tracking device and tossed it into a pickup truck. Afterwards, he was on the run from police until he was finally caught in Augusta, Maine. State police spokesman said: “He’s a serial rapist, and he had to be taken off the streets.” He added, “We’re thrilled we got him.” This is not the first time Addeo was chargedRead More

Sex Offender Refuses to Wear GPS Tracking Device

A California sex offender has refused to wear his GPS tracking device, and thus there is a warrant out for his arrest. The man, Joel Peter Crystal, was on parole for repeated sexual abuse of a minor. He went to prison in 1997, and has been on parole under Jessica’s Law. According to Jessica’s law, any California resident convicted of a sex crime under California law must be monitored by GPS technology upon release from prison. This allows police to monitor them and ensure that they do not encroach upon territories where minors are present. Crystal last resided in ShastaRead More

Is Your Neighborhood Safe?

By Greg Bartlett A friend of mine is a police officer with three children. A few years ago, he arrested a sex offender who later – after serving his sentence – ended up moving into the house next door to the police officer. Of course my friend knew exactly what the man was and kept an eye on the neighbor any time his kids were in the yard playing, but for the average person, it may not be obvious that your next door neighbor could be a predator. There are databases available to individuals to find out where registered sexRead More