GPS III Preps for Launch, Exelis Aboard


Does ITT Exelis sound familiar to you? You may have never heard of them, but they’ve been a part of GPS technology for forty years. A satellite company called ITT Exelis participated in the evolution of GPS nearly from day one. Now, the company is preparing to build part of the satellites to be used for the next generation of GPS satellites, collectively a part of the GPS III satellite constellation. What does GPS III Mean? There have been two previous “levels” of GPS satellites. GPS III has been recently approved by the government, allowing more accurate GPS signals toRead More

Can GPS Tracking Get Any More Precise?


The fact is, GPS technology is already far more precise than we think it is. The government retains control, not only of how GPS satellites orbiting the earth are used, but how accurate they are as well. Anyone with an Android or iPhone GPS application has no doubt had issues with accuracy. The recent flack regarding the new Asus Transformer tablet, which had highly publicized problems with its under-performing GPS device, illustrates the fact that most modern consumer GPS trackers are underpowered and relatively inaccurate. Not for long. Lockheed-Martin and the United States Air Force are in the process ofRead More