Skobbler GPS Navigation & Maps App Now On Android

The key feature of Skobbler’s GPS app is the offline mapping and navigation capabilities. There is no shortage of smartphone navigation apps on the market for iOS, Android, Windows or any other system. However, up until recently, if you wanted solid offline mapping and navigation, your best hope was with an iOS device. For Android and other non-Apple smartphone and tablet users, this was a bit of a drag. Now, Android users can purchase Skobbler for their smartphones for just $1. Skobbler’s designers have no shortage of confidence in their product. They’ve been quoted calling their work the “most powerfulRead More

German GPS App Skobbler Updates

Skobbler, the top European GPS location app based in Germany, announced the launch of its latest version of the iPhone GPS navigation app, GPS Navigation 2.   Version 4.3 is revamped to support iOS 6 for the iPhone 5. There were also updates to the app’s OpenStreetMap data which allow users to get to where they need to go whether they are online or offline, as well as adding Bluetooth connectivity to transmit audio wirelessly.   “We’re extremely proud of the success that GPS Navigation 2 has experienced, and feel it’s a fair reward for our continued efforts to regularlyRead More

Skobbler Blames Google for GPS Navigation App Failure


Have you heard of Skobbler? It’s a GPS navigation app designed to turn cell phones and tablets into fully functional GPS devices. Skobbler can be found on Apple’s app store and, up until February, could be found on the Android market. Skobbler pulled the plug on its Android GPS navigating venture, citing, essentially, that free apps were killing the paid competition. Skobbler has chosen to focus on Apple moving forward. The debate highlights the ubiquity of GPS tracking on Android phones, and the new laws of economics as rewritten by both Apple and Google. Android vs. iOS The Android vs.Read More