GPS Study Shows Drivers Obey Speed For With Cash Incentives

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A recent study was conducted by traffic safety researchers in an attempt to find a way to incentivize drivers to obey the posted speed limits. The study was partially funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and implemented GPS tracking devices in order to gather accurate speed data. Eight vehicles were monitored with GPS tracking devices, with a total of 50 participants driving one of these vehicles for four weeks. At the end of each week, if the drivers avoided going five miles above the speed limit, they were rewarded $25. However, each time the drivers exceeded theRead More

GPS Gets Driver Out of Ticket

A man recently got out of a speeding ticket thanks to a GPS tracking device in his smartphone. The speed limit where he was driving was 25 miles an hour, but the cop clocked him in at 40 mph. Big problem. Fortunately, he was running a GPS tracking application, Google Tracks, on his smartphone at the time. He pulled up his history and found various bits of data, including Distance Driven, Average Speed, Elevation Levels, and — most importantly — Maximum Speed. His maximum speed driven? 26 mph. He clearly was not speeding. He transcribed an account of the entireRead More

Stop High Speed Pursuits with GPS Devices

It’s about time that we begin to find some ways to reduce high speed police chases in our communities.  These events often include serious crashes which results in injury to those being pursued, the police officers or innocent bystanders.  While one of the ways to reduce the risk is for police to pull off of these activities, there are methods that are being attempted to make this happen. The latest is called a StarChase system.  The system used a propelled GPS Tracking device that is fired from the pursuing police vehicle to the fleeing subjects car which will attach toRead More

4 Things you Must Know about Avoiding Traffic Fines

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking When it comes to moving violations, most people do not realize that they have specific things that they can do to avoid the fines and points that are placed on their licenses after they are convicted of the offenses.  Here are four things that you must know which will help you avoid having to pay exorbitant fines that come with most traffic infractions. Find out about Maintenance on Radar Units Radar units are sensitive pieces of electronic equipment that are susceptible toRead More

GPS Tracking Helps Ward Off Errant Traffic Tickets

By Greg Bartlett GPS technology is a space-based positioning system.  It uses space satellites to provide up-to-date positioning and tracking information.  GPS operates under a space/control/user system.  This means that all the information starts with the several dozen satellites in space, then moves to several different monitoring or control centers here on the ground.  From the control centers it moves to the millions of users, who range from the military, to law enforcement, to plain civilians.  GPS technology comes in several different forms.  One of these forms is a GPS tracking device for your car.  It is helpful equipment toRead More

Fight Traffic Fines with GPS Tracking

by James Neely, freelance writer Its every driver’s bane:  the traffic ticket.  You are minding your own business, when all of a sudden out of nowhere; you see the flashing red and blue lights in your rearview mirror and hear a short blast on the siren.  You’ve broken a traffic law (or so says the officer) and now you have to pay a fine.  And as it turns out, it is a really, really high fine.  What’s going on here? More states are raising their fines because they are in a financial bind.  It seems like highway robbery but itRead More

GPS Combats Speed Watchers

by James Neely, freelance writer From California comes a story which reveals that the state is getting ready to roll out speed sensors on red light cameras at major intersections.  Debate is formulating whether or not this is another way that the government is impinging on personal rights while it seeks to raise revenue from speeding tickets without the overhead of having to pay police to do the job. Another troubling thing about this is that the fines for speeding that are generated from this activity have been proposed to be from $225 to $325 for each violation.  The moneyRead More

GPS Trackers And A Speeding Ticket

By Greg Bartlett We often talk about the amazing new ways that GPS tracking is aiding law enforcement. Officers all over the country have used GPS trackers to follow suspects, track drug shipments, and keep tabs on parolees. However, a recent case highlights the ability of GPS trackers to keep some over-zealous police in line. Garath Powell was driving near Bristol, UK last November on a street marked with the limit of 50mph. A police officer staked out near road A4174 used his laser gun to clock the man at 61mph, a speed well worth pulling over. Powell took theRead More

Driver Evades Ticket Thanks to GPS Tracker

By Harriette Halepis Gareth Powell, a Bristol, England, resident was driving down a major highway on November 28th, 2008, when a police offer pulled him over, and proceeded to write him a ticket. In this type of situation, most drivers would have questioned whether or not they had, indeed, been speeding – but not Powell. Powell knew that he wasn’t speeding. Not only is he a caution driver that never speeds, he also had a GPS tracker in his car that day. In addition to tracking Powell, his GPS tracker was also able to keep track of how fast heRead More

Speeding Tickets and GPS Tracking

by James Neely, freelance writer: click | HERE | to check out GPS products from Rocky Mountain Tracking Ask yourself this question:  when you are driving, what is the first thing you do when you see a police car?  If you answered push the brake pedal, you are in the majority of drivers.  Why is that?  We are programmed to automatically assume that we are doing something wrong and need to clean up our act. If you are a little on the ‘heavy-footed’ side of driving, the chances are high that you have gotten more than your share of speedingRead More