GPS Tracking Takes Football Practice to New Level

NFL football season is just getting started, and fans are cheering on their favorite players from stadiums and couches across the nation. But this year, one team is taking football practice to a whole new level. In pre-season training camp, the Buffalo Bills implemented GPS tracking devices in player uniforms to monitor player performance and help create safer, more efficient practice sessions. GPS technology and football may seem like strange partners, but it’s not an entirely new concept. The Australian Football League, among other sports organizations, already uses similar technology to monitor player speed, total distance run, acceleration, change ofRead More

Rugby Athletes Train with GPS

Though the term “Global Positioning Satellite” might not immediately bring to mind the strenuous and intense exercise regimen of professional athletes, some analysts are finding GPS tracking devices to be useful in their work to help athletes in their training. The sportsmen and women of England’s rugby sevens team lead the way in using GPS during training. These sportspersons are pushing themselves in highly innovative and creative ways while on the training field. From actigraphy watches to the aforementioned GPS tracking devices, England’s rugby sevens team is giving it all it’s got. The men’s and women’s sevens team members challengeRead More

GPS Tracking In Rugby


GPS tracking has been used in numerous applications, but the constantly developing technology is now being applied to the sport of rugby. While this may seem rather surprising, a look at the data that coaches can gather by using such equipment makes its value quite obvious.   The Sport Rugby is a very physical sport. Although similar in some ways to American football, rugby has a number of differences. Most obviously, rugby players wear no padding and little or no headgear. Instead of the separate offensive, defensive, and special teams of American football, rugby players must quickly switch between offenseRead More

Bryton Incorporated Chooses u-blox GPS For Sports Monitoring Equipment

Bryton Incorporated, the Taiwan-based manufacturer of GPS devices designed to monitor select sports (cycling, outdoor adventure, fitness, and athletic training), has announced they’ve chosen the UBX-G6010 GPS single-chip manufactured by u-blox to bring location-aware features to their devices.   Wolf Lin, President at Bryton Incorporated, said “At Bryton, we understand the mindset of sport enthusiast, and know exactly what they are looking for when they shop for electronic equipment to enhance their exercise experience: it must be smart, small, attractive, accurate, dependable, and packed with interesting and useful features that make their workouts more fun and informative.”   Why u-blox?Read More

GPS and Field Hockey in North Carolina

Each and every day, GPS devices are being used in new and innovative ways in the world of sports. We’ve reported on many, such as England’s rugby team wearing jerseys with built-in GPS devices that track their stats such as heart rate and speed, or Tour de France racers wearing GPS watches. Now, the University of North Carolina field hockey team is putting GPS to use on the field.   In August, 10 new GPS devices were purchased from Catapult Sports for $1,000 per device using money from the sports medicine program, women’s soccer program, and strength and conditioning program.Read More

GPS Monitoring Symbolizes Drastic Shift in Sports Monitoring


One of the most exciting applications of modern GPS tracking technology is sports. Sports fans talk statistics with a precision and enthusiasm that rivals the most adept MIT mathematician. Whether it’s the speed of Nolan Ryan’s legendary pitches, Kobe Bryant’s vertical, Lance Armstrong’s speed, or the machinations of Tiger Woods’ drive, mathematical precision as it applies to sports analysis is both a hobby, and an industry. Indeed, it seems as if sports, in America and beyond, drives a segment of the world economy with the same human necessity and regularity as plumbing or construction. People need their toilets fixed, peopleRead More

GPS Helps Lead Sydney to Victory

If you ask a player from the Sydney FC Sky Blues what the secret to their success this season is, they might tell you it’s the players’ determination to be the very best.  If you ask the team’s doctor, he’ll likely credit GPS tracking devices used in the athletes’ training. Dr. Craig Duncan collects information during each training session thanks to the devices worn by players which transmit data back to his laptop, allowing him to make adjustments to each individual’s training program for the day.  If there is one player who appears to be overworked, he can see thisRead More

GPS Hits the NY Marathon

Yet another race will allow fans to follow favorite runners thanks to GPS technology: the 2011 NY Marathon which will be held November 6.  Fans will be able to go online to see in real-time how their favorite runner is doing thanks to GPS sensors, which will track the runners along the course. An added bonus: race organizers also plan on sending data via email and SMS, along with automatic Facebook status updates and tweets. Why does tracking a huge race such at the NY Marathon matter? Well, consider relatives of marathon racers. For example, many older people escape theRead More

GPS and the Super Bowl: A Perfect Match

Since its start in 1967, the Super Bowl has grown to an astonishing popularity. Every year, millions of frenzied sports fans gather around their television sets to experience the excitement of this long-awaited match-up between the NFL’s top teams. The most popular yearly broadcast on television, the Super Bowl causes companies to line up for commercial space and churches to cancel their services so that members can watch the game. Today, the event has become so huge that GPS tracking is now a necessary aspect of the game’s organization. With tens of thousands of fans piling into the stadium forRead More

Nike Teams Up With TomTom

Runners all around the globe rejoiced when Nike devised the Nike + Fitness software pack. Now, Nike has teamed up with GPS tracking manufacturer TomTom in order to bring running enthusiasts a new kind of workout gadget. The Nike + Sportwatch is set to hit store shelves in April of 2011. The Nike + Sportwatch will allow runners to track and trace every pavement-pounding footstep. Working in conjunction with TomTom’s GPS navigation system and mapping capabilities in addition to a Nike sensor, the Nike + Sportwatch will record every move made by a runner. At the end of a run,Read More