Franken’s Bill to Protect Women from GPS Stalking Apps

GPS technology can be a powerful, useful, and wonderful tool—until evil use of it turns people’s lives into a nightmare. Stalking applications are designed to collect user data from the signal output of GPS tracked devices (like iPhones and Androids) for, as Senator Franken of Minnesota puts it, “nefarious purposes.” The information reveals the GPS enabled device owner’s every move, location at any given time and the route taken to get there.   Franken Bill in a Nutshell Since his attempts to get passed the Location Protection Privacy Act of 2011 (it was left in committee at the Senate) andRead More

Global Positioning…Stalker?

GPS Criminal Tracking

In November 2012, a Philadelphia man was charged with several accounts, one of which was stalking a Hatfield Township woman using a GPS tracking device he planted on her car. On a few occasions, he followed her to a restaurant she frequented and he even had detailed knowledge of where she lived. He continued stalked her for several months before the woman sent her car into a repair shop. There, the repairman discovered the tracking device and the police were notified shortly thereafter. This man remains incarcerated at a prison in Montgomery County.   Although this man’s motives and intentionsRead More

GPS Legal Woes Throw Sex Offender Defense for a Loop


Jeffrey Kitze has had a long and storied relationship with the law. The convicted rapist, a computer repair technician in Virginia, is in the midst of a stalking trial that may send the individual back to jail after a two decade stay. The “Graduation Day Rapist” In 1989, Kitze joined his sister for her graduation from UVA Law School. There, he met his sister’s roommate. The next day, according to his criminal conviction, he hit his sister’s roommate repeatedly with a tire iron and assaulted the woman. He was quickly convicted, and remained in jail until 2009. Constant GPS MonitoringRead More

Former Naval Officer Pleads Guilty to GPS Stalking

Stalking is an incredibly invasive and terrifying assault on a person’s space and privacy. This type of behavior is nothing new, but it has evolved over time. With new technology, comes new methods of stalking people. No technology since the telephone has made it easier to stalk someone, than GPS tracking. Although GPS tracking has contributed a great deal to modern society, there is a darker side to the increased visibility provided by these devices. With increased visibility, emergency response teams have a better chance of saving lives, air traffic control can more accurately prevent devastating crashes, but there isRead More

Man Accused of Tracking Woman Via GPS, Killing Her: Pleads Not Guilty

A man from Surrey, British Columbia was recently charged with stalking and killing a woman he met online. According to prosecutors, the man, Dmitry Smirnov, tracked the woman via a GPS tracking device he put on her car. After he tracked the woman, he reportedly killed her. The Chicago Tribune reports that Assistant State Attorney David Bayer seeks a sentence of 100 years in prison for the shooting. Making the case against him even more solid, Sminov apparently researched the Chicago death penalty before committing his crime. He bought his gun in Seattle and committed the crime in Oak Brook;Read More

Police Officer Sentenced After Illegally Tracking Ex

A Costa Mesa police officer was recently caught tracking an ex-girlfriend. Using a police issued GPS tracking device, the police officer in-question tracked his ex regularly. This puts a whole new spin on the “I just happened to be in the neighborhood” line. When the 32-year old woman kept running into her ex-boyfriend, she became slightly suspicious. After having her car inspected, she discovered that a GPS tracking device had been affixed to the bottom of her car. She then tracked the device back to the Costa Mesa Police Department. The former officer pleaded “no contest” to the charges heRead More

Stalking Stalkers With GPS Devices

Many people have nightmares about being followed. You are in a dark alley, a crowded mall, or on a dimly lit road, and behind you lurks a seedy stranger. The fear is tangible and the feeling sticks with you even after waking up from the dream. However, as horrible as this nightmare can be, for thousands across the globe, stalking is no dream – it is a very real horror. Even after the stalker is convicted, the fear of them returning to harm the victim remains. Thankfully, GPS tracking is now able to give victims of stalking a measure ofRead More

Texas Anti-Stalking Bill Targets GPS Tracking

Advocacy groups in Texas are attempting to introduce and pass legislation to make tracking people in the state with GPS tracking devices illegal, citing the increased ease with which individuals can stalk using technology. According to these groups (many of which focus on domestic abuse), 25% of stalkers use technology of some form or another, such as GPS tracking devices, to stalk their victims. One of the Texas GPS tracking bills, Senate bill 82, would make stalking via GPS easier to prove in a domestic abuse case, with a lower burden of proof placed on the victim. Another bill, SenateRead More