The Many Types of Tracking Systems

By Greg Bartlett How many different types of tracking systems do you think there are available? While many people may think that only a few exist, the possibilities are endless and opportunities abound to exploit the advantages of a GPS tracker. GPS tracking systems can be used for a variety of things. One of the most well-known is used for tracking vehicles. Whether you want to keep track of your spouse or children, or whether you simply want to know where your car is at all times, a GPS system could suit you perfectly. Some people hide the GPS systemRead More

Rain or Shine – GPS Tracking Works Anytime

By Harriette Halepis For some reason, most of us never think of the future in stormy terms. When we picture what we might do today or tomorrow, we always tend to think of these events as being held in perfect weather. Even for those that think about potential accidents, the thought of snow, rain, ice, or other weather never seems to cross our minds. However, the truth is that most accidents and incidents happen when the skies are less than picture perfect blue. Whether a car accident or a pedestrian accident, most collisions of any kind occur amidst lousy weather.Read More

GPS Tracking Systems Improve Freight Service Information

By Greg Bartlett Sending highly sensitive consignments inside a trailer can be a very risky business. Although the contents can be packed very well and insulated, and the trailer can be secure and quality assured, things can always go wrong. A lot of problems can arise when a temperature-sensitive cargo has to be shipped over a long distance, or even over short distances in the summer when temperatures are high. GPS tracking system devices are a very good way of tracking an individual item. There are many ways that this can be done. A single positional location can be determined.Read More

GPS Tracking Helps Prevent Crime

By Greg Bartlett Many people know that GPS Tracking devices can and are placed in cars, trucks, containers and any other device that carries commodities. What many people don’t know is that these tracking devices are also contained in smart cell phones. These current state of the art version communication devices also contain the software to allow them to be tracked. The Johnson City Tennessee police department plans to equip all of its officers with smartphones. These smartphones would allow the dispatcher and supervisor to be in constant touch with an officer out on patrol. The GPS software built intoRead More

GPS Tracking – Where Does He Go?

By Greg Bartlett Most people never think about it, but airline catering trucks run on a very precise schedule. Schedules are prepared for each driver, which include loading time at the catering kitchen, travel time to the airport, loading time at the airport and return time to the kitchen with the food and beverage carts used on the flight. At a major airport, one of the drivers of the catering trucks was reported late once or twice a week when he would return to the kitchen after unloading a flight. The driver wasn’t grossly late, just a matter of 15Read More

Laptop Security Using GPS Tracking

By Greg Bartlett More and more companies rely on computers and laptops for their business. They are not only useful for keeping and transferring information but also vital ways to keep in touch with salesmen and operatives who are out on calls and may not be available any other way. Many of these computers carry sensitive information about customers and product designs and prices etc. Information, in fact, which could be very lucrative for any competitors. GPS tracking technology is now so advanced that it not only provides geolocational information but also shows the status of the laptop, i.e. whetherRead More

GPS Tracking System And the Fight Against Animal Extinction

By Greg Bartlett Endangered species are under constant threat in the world because many of them are highly prized for their organs and body parts. One such animal is the rhinoceros. It is incredibly highly prized for its horn which is said to have aphrodisiac qualities. For this alone, these magnificent animals are routinely slaughtered and have been hunted to the very edge of extinction. Despite being a protected species, while there is a demand for the animals, trade in them is still brisk. In an amazing clash of ancient and modern, GPS tracking devices have been used to trackRead More